Winter Weather Skincare Routine

With the temperature in Toronto finally dropping and the first sighting for snow (!), you guys might now be thinking about winter proofing your skincare routine. Every winter my skin does that same thing – it freaks out in stages and goes from being slightly parched to totally parched with dry flakes on my cheeks, chin and nose. It’s not pleasant and makes makeup application more challenging.

The following skincare routine is pretty damn solid if you ask me. I tested this out during the coldest, driest conditions I could think of, in the Canadian Rockies in -20 degree weather. Even though my sinuses were acting up from the elevation and temperature change, my skin stayed pretty chill (no pun intended). While I was frolicking in the snow, Diana (my BFF/ beauty contributor) stayed city bound, testing out some of these products for herself. Read on to find out how to stay dewy during the crappiest months of the year.

Nathalie in Mountain Life:
This eye balm is like nothing I’ve ever tried before and it glides onto the skin very nicely. It hydrates well considering how light it is and my eye makeup holds up really well with this stuff. Not too dry, not to oily, but just right. The label also claims to wake up tired eyes, and I swear it’s made a bit of a difference because even when I got back to work all groggy and fatigued from my Banff trip, everyone’s been commenting that my skin looks good. (Or is it my new Kat Von D eye makeup?!)

Diana in City Life:
Oh hello smooth operator. This Vichy Eye Cream reminds of me of this really handsome guy that sat beside me in history class when I was in third year. He said all the right things, but surprisingly, he didn't make me want to vomit. This eye cream goes on sooo smooth, the consistency is really lovely and while it's not a primer, it's a great base for undereye makeup. Easily one of the best eye creams I've tried this year. I recommended this to a friend at work who wants it all - high quality at an affordable price point. Sometimes dreams do come true.

I don’t really use a lot of serums so I don’t have much to compare it to. I do know that my skin has felt pretty balanced recently so I’ll just keep using it in my skincare routine for now.

The last serum I tried broke me out so badly that I wondered if I was put in a time machine and I was 13 again. This one was great for my sensitive skin. Not too heavy. Like Nathalie, I'm not a huge serum user, but this one could easily become part of my daily regimen. Not oily, feels lightly moisturizing, good prep for your moisturizer. 

This moisturizer feels creamier than the others I’ve been using to this point. I normally add a drop of Fresh’s Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil into the palm of my hand, along with the Vichy moisturizer and warm it up by pressing my hands together and then applying it to my face. It feels a bit dewy at first but it absorbs into the skin nicely without that oily look. Again, I’ve had no patchy flakes on my skin this winter which is really awesome. I’m really digging this product. It’s so good! I top it off with some Consonant SPF since this moisturizer doesn't offer any sun protection.

So my mom (hi, Gracie!) has been using Vichy moisturizer for as long as I remember. Naturally, the brand is the first one I turned to when I started getting serious about my skincare. I love Vichy's moisturizers, and this one is no exception. It's lighter in weight than the ones I've used in the past from the brand, but it's as effective. Been hiding it when my mom comes over to visit, but I know she's going to try and steal it.

You know that horrible feeling of wind-burnt cracked lips? Well that didn’t happen to me while up in the mountains because even though I was using lipstick (which is know to dry out lips) I was constantly using my Consonant lip balm morning, day and, night. I always find it challenging to find a good balm but the one Consonants is on the top of my faves list. 

Consonant makes consistently good products, and their lip balm is one of my faves. Emollient without being overly slick - it's a simple, reliable and affordable product that everyone would love.

DISCLAIMER: The awesome folks at Vichy supplied Diana and I with the eye cream, serum and moisturizer. The opinions in this article are our own honest opinion.

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