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So there's a bit of a Valentine's Day theme happening on the blog right now but I want to think of it as the Anti-Valentine's Day because all of that ooey-goeey love stuff like "I'm gonna buy you flowers and jewelry because it's Valentine's Day" is kinda boring. Instead, I'm gonna use Valentine's Day as an excuse to be creative and go against the grain. Since you guys are my readers I'm sure you guys are feeling the Anti-V Day theme and you're gonna appreciate the look I created here.

Let's just start with my obsession for red eye makeup. Confession: I was a little goth for the first year in high school (I know you're not surprised!) and during that time red eye makeup was my life! I'd take a red lip pencil and just go nuts creating all kinds of designs on my eyes. That was then and this is 2017. I wasn't exactly going for goth with the look here, but we can't deny it's a little nod to that era in my life. I'd like to think this look was done in a more sophisticated way. What do you think?

Now that you have your makeup look down, make sure you check out my last post, Vegan Chocolate Cake + Coffee, for a quick and easy recipe and how to serve your Anti-D Day dinner. LOL.  


The Inspiration, Kat Von D's collab with Too Face. The Better Together palette features the most incredible, high pigmented red! 


To really make the red pop, I started with a base of hot pink eye crayon, Call Girl, from the Sephora Collection. Then I patted the red shadow over top. I skipped the eyeliner and just curled my lashes because I wanted all of the focus to be on the red shadow. 




If you're not one for a dark lipstick, just go for a glossy nude lip or a red lip and keep the whole face monochrome. I used Black Truffle, a blacked berry shade from Bite Beauty, to finish my look here. For blush I used a warm peachy shade to pick up the warm tones from the red eyeshadow. Finally I warmed up my face with bronzer. 


Photography by Geoff Martin. Makeup and product photography by Nathalie Martin. 

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