EPISODE 1 | What We Bought In January feat. Michael Biro

I’m super excited for this series because Michael and I have been wanting to collab for so long now! When we first started blogging we’d get together often to shoot outfits but soon life got busy and time didn’t allow for us to create fun content anymore.

Fast forward to last week when we sat down to discuss how we could work together again and the ideas just started flooding in. We shot the video in less than half an hour, edited in a day and now the finished video is finally live on YouTube.

It’s so great to sit down and create a fashion/beauty video with Michael because we have such similar personal styles but also, we learn from each other. Often men’s fashion influences me much more than women’s fashion so it’s cool to talk about our latest hauls and see what we’re drawn to.

I really hope you guys will enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thanks for watching!


Nathalie Martin.jpg

Nathalie’s Haul

Michael Biro_4559 2.jpg

Michael’s Haul