Red Vinyl Skirt & Patent Leather Kitten Heels

Honestly, what's your take on vinyl pants? You know the ones that are super glossy and shiny and if you have mega bucks to spend you'll invest in a patent leather pair because you roll like that.

Kendall Jenner was spotted in a black patent leather pair in March topped off with a Gucci sweatshirt and red coat. Bloggers Sonya Esman and Aimee Song paired their red patent leather pants with knits and graphic tees - my favourite combo. 

I first saw shiny pants on Instagram about a year about and honestly, I wanted to retch. Slowly shiny pants started creeping up on my Pinterest and next thing you know, I'm online, desperately looking for a pair of my own. Trends are annoying like that, aren't they? We turn our back on ourselves and suddenly we're investing our hard earned money on something silly like shiny effing pants. Or in my case, skirts, because there are currently three in my closet.  

Vinyl pants and skirts are not for the faint of heart. They can't be passed off as office attire like that too-short summer dress, "cleverly" disguised as professional when topped off with a blazer. Depending on who you ask and what age bracket you happen to fall into, vinyl clothing isn't even suitable for a first date. On second thought, unless that first date is a concert, don't even think about it.

But you know when it's appropriate? Fashion week, a night out with the girls, or date night with your partner. Make the outfit chic and effortless with a patent leather kitten heel or a cute ankle boot. Top it off with a silk blouse and make the outfit softer and more feminine. The contrast of the silk and a vinyl pant is perfect for a night time look. I'm even thinking a cute clutch and suede pointed-toe pump as a finishing touch.

For this daytime look, I kept it low key and paired my red vinyl Topshop skirt with a Ramone's band tee from Zara, a shredded denim jacket, a rattan basket instead of a purse, and glossy red lips contrasted with matte, mustard coloured Ferragamo sunglasses.

The key is CONTRAST in textiles when wearing vinyl pants or skirts. 

Have fun when you get dressed and don't overthink it. Just go with the flow! If you're not sure of what to pair with your vinyl clothes just think of what's appropriate in terms of dress code or jump in Pinterest for some inspo and you'll be fine!


What I'm Wearing

Ramone's cropped tee, Zara. 
Denim jacket, Zara.
Sunglasses, Ferragamo.
Red vinyl skirt, Topshop.
Patent leather kitten heels with ankle strap, Alexander Wang circa 2014.
Rattan basket, unknown.

Topshop red vinyl skirt and Alexander Wang kitten heels paired with a graphic concert tee from Zara_8368.JPG
Topshop red vinyl skirt and Alexander Wang kitten heels paired with a graphic concert tee from Zara_8373.JPG
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Photography by Geoff Martin


How to dress when spring takes a chilly turn

It's been freezing cold again in Toronto and everyone is taking to Instagram to complain. I know, I know, we're sick of the cold and we all want warm weather now, but sulking isn't helping anyone now is it? Instead, I say get out the ankle boots and embrace layers because soon enough it'll be too hot to even think. It's always one weather extreme or another but I think we're very lucky to have such diverse seasons in Canada. Now suck it up and go throw on your favourite coat and get out there!



Jeans | Jbrand
Leather Jacket | The Kooples
White V-Neck Tshirt | WoahStyle x Queen of Hearts Collection
Bralette | Victoria Secret Sport
Belt | Brave Leather
Bag | Mackage
Leopard Boots | Givenchy


layer up

I layered a cute bralette from Victoria Secret under my favourite white v-neck of. I actually designed this one in classic white and black because it goes with everything, and everyone needs a good v-neck tee in their closet. You can find it in my shop here.


Photography by Geoff Martin.
Mackage Rubie bag in this post was gifted by the brand.

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The curse of the Levi's 501 wedgie

Growing up in the 90s, grunge music, band tee's and denim was my world. (Not much different from now I guess.) I used to dress like a boy and I lived in old jeans and oversized band tees. I supplemented my closet with pieces from Zellers, Sunrise Records, thrift stores and my dad's closet. Yup. While most girls were playing in their mum's closet, I was rummaging through my dad's old jeans. My favourite pair were these loose Levi's that were super worn in, complete with paint splatters and rips in the knee. I thought they looked amazing until I turned around one day and looked at my butt, only to realized it looked like I had a massive wedgie. UGH! Then I realized all of my other Levi's also gave me wedgie butt!! I stopped wearing most of my Levi's at that point and became really conscious of buying only derrière flattering jeans. I did though keep around my dad's old Levi's because they were so cool and so comfortable and embodied that 90s grunge look that I was so obsessed with. 

Twenty-three years later I find myself in the department store, taking a pair of Levi's to the fitting room to see if the wedgie curse is still there. It is. But god dammit, they're so ridiculously comfortable and when you live in skinny jeans like me, you embrace comfort and fabric being away from your legs for once as opposed to being encased in it. I've been rocking them almost every day since I got them and at this point, I could care less about wedgie butt. 



Levi's 501 CT cropped jean (exact here)
The Kooples leather jacket
Gucci gold Princetown slippers
Chaser black tank
Marc by Marc Jacobs red + black striped bag (circa 2015)
Ray Ban gold aviators
David Yurman bracelet
Valentino black Rockstud bracelet

Are skinny jeans dead? My new found love of Levi’s 501 - Gold gucci princetown slippers_8253.JPG
Are skinny jeans dead? My new found love of Levi’s 501 - Gold gucci princetown slippers_8252.JPG

Photopgraphy by Michael Biro.
All opinions are my own.
Affiliate marketing links in this story are used as form of compensation.