Trending: Menswear with Stolen Riches

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is learning about cool brands that really inspire me and push my imagination with my own personal style. One of those brands is Stolen Riches. I was already familiar with them for their line of shoe laces but I had no clue that they have such an extensive line of men's accessories - pocket squares, bracelets, lapel pins and even style kits made up in colour combinations like The Wall Streeter, The Dandy, The Hipster and even The Canuk. I was thinking about all of the outfits I'd wear with my new accessories before I even received my goodies so I'm happy to finally share this post with you all. 

Handsome accessories, handsome packaging. Before you guys think I'm weird, let me just explain that I went to school for Graphic Design so I appreciate good packaging when I see it. Also, I think these are ready for gift giving just as they are for Father's Day, Birthdays, and Graduations. Don't you agree? 

These red sneaker laces would be perfect for my ivory Comme De Garcons Converse. I love how SR packs them in an envelope with a lace style card. So chic.

These pocket squares are so versatile! I've been wearing them wrapped around my wrists, my neck and on the handles of my Saint Laurent Sac De Jour. The bright colours are excellent for summer and I love how they add a pop to my monochrome outfits.  

I love the simplicity of this bracelet which is essentially a shoe lace with a little skull. I could see myself wearing this in every colour they have.

A-aa-aahhh! The holy grail of Stolen Riches. I was over the moon to get this Style Kit called The Wall Streeter. I went for the darker, more conservative colours because I wanted the option of playing with a more subdued look for my accessories with a navy, black and brown colour palette. My ankle boots will get new laces and my jackets and dresses will get a cute new pin!

Next up, street styling these bad boys. I can't wait to show you guys!
Special thanks to Stolen Riches!