Snow Shoeing at 7,800 Feet Elevation

When I was told we were going snow shoeing while in Banff, I thought "I got this". I layered up my cozy Roots fleece leggings with some thermal long johns and headed up for the gondola/ chair lift ride that would take us up to 7,800 feet on top of one of the mountains in Sunshine Valley. The guide took one look at my leggings and sent me inside for proper snow pants. With the pants on, my legs resembled thick tree trucks and left me an unideal subject to photograph. Seriously, the photographer we were with on this trip didn't snap one picture of me in this ridiculous outfit. But tell me, how am I supposed to look cute and blog worthy when it's -20 degrees on the ground and then you get to the mountain and all of the guides are talking about frost bite? How?? All that kept running through my mind was "hypothermia is real", something that was said to us on the first day. It was so cold that Geoff and I only snapped a few pictures with my new blogger friend Jill of The Augusts Diaries, before we headed inside for mulled wine. 

I truthfully would recommend this to anyone, but dress appropriately and don't expect your photos to look like a page out of Vogue. And if you do manage to end up looking all "Vogue-like", well kudos to you!

xo, Nathalie