When your BFF knows you so well that she picks up a pair of Valentino star-studded boots for you. HECK YA.

I have the same print in the Tango ankle strap shoe from a couple of years ago now, but the boot gives off major rock star vibes don't you think?

I paired the boots with a glossy patent leather skirt that I got from Winners last year. No joke, it's been sitting in my closet with the tags on. 

The knit is a $10 sale find from Topshop. I sized up on it because I wanted it to be boxy. Last time I wore it was with a pair of Levi's cutoffs and my patent leather CHANEL boots and jumbo flap bag. Sometimes the simplest outfits really are my fave.

As for the boots themselves, they're super comfortable and make the perfect statement. I wore them earlier this week when I met Sophia Amoruso. These babies are already getting around!

Oh, and I did pay back my BFF in case you're wondering. 



ANNOUNCEMENT: New Series + HOW TO Style Statement Shoes

DIY IKEA shoe closet -

When I think about the hours wasted binge-watching YouTube, I'm embarrassed. It's actually so shameful. Just one more video I always tell myself! *Clicks into the next one and feels disdain.*

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This is a fact and I for one can admit that mine sure as hell is. (Anyone still reading?)

I should start a series! I should do a HOW TO series to cover everything from fashion styling to beauty and lifestyle stuff. I've always wanted to do something like this but I always thought it would live on the blog. It took me this long to realize my HOW TO series should live on YouTube!  

When I presented it to my team, everyone was excited and on board. Even the hypercritical ones like my husband and Diana were all YES, do it!


In the first episode I'll be talking about how to style statement shoes. From the likes of pink sparkly boots to fabulous glam rock-inspired Saint Laurent platform sandals, and leopard print booties, there's a whole gamut of footwear styling ideas for you guys.

I really hope you guys enjoy the first episode! Thanks for watching and always supporting WoahStyle!


Nathalie shoe closet.jpg

The Truth About Fast Fashion

So you get a cute pair of shorts on sale at Zara. Fast forward to next season and you're over them. You think you're doing a good deed by donating them to your local Value Village. What  you might not realize is that 85% of the clothing that's donated to these charitable places actually ends up in a landfill in a third world country. Turns out your good deed, actually isn't a good dead at all. 

ripped zara jeans - bad quality - boycott zara - woahstyle.com_8182.JPG

I get it, we love fast fashion because it provides instant gratification. We want the latest trends NOW NOW NOW, but 1) the quality is shit and 2) it's bad for the environment. The other day I went to put on a pair of my new Zara jeans only to find them ripping in the back and I'd only worn them twice before. That's not cute.

 Wearing Zara jeans from SS18 (probably the last I'll buy from the brand), A Nordstrom blazer, Alexander Wang sandals from 5 years ago, a Reitmans cami, and Gucci bag.

Wearing Zara jeans from SS18 (probably the last I'll buy from the brand), A Nordstrom blazer, Alexander Wang sandals from 5 years ago, a Reitmans cami, and Gucci bag.

I never thought too much about the cost of fast fashion because I try to be mindful of not bringing home anything I don't need or love. That rule applies not only to how I shop, but also how I accept samples from retailers as a fashion blogger. Unless there's something specific I need, I just won’t.

To clarify, when I say the cost of fast fashion I don't mean monetary value but in terms of how it's effecting our environment. In the back of my mind, I know this is an issue but I never took the time to educate myself on the matter until recently. I came across a video on YouTube late one night, which admittedly was not the best time to watch because my anxiety went through the roof and I couldn't sleep. 



This CBC documentary uncovers what happens to unwanted clothes when they don't get sold at second-hand shops. The short of it is, the quality of fast fashion is so poor that they almost always end up in the landfills. A lot of you probably already know this, but for me, it was a real eye-opener.

Just look at my last couple of videos - they were both hauls! It's even a joke with everyone in my circle whenever I say I'm not going to shop, "Ya, okay Nathalie. Stop lying to yourself.” 

I don't have a solution to this problem, but I'm doing my part by donating to my local women's shelter instead of conglomerate second-hand stores. Just because it's cute it doesn't mean it ain't trash, so let's all try harder and in the end be better dressed.


It's that time again, time for another CHANEL beauty video! This time I took your feedback into consideration and I was sure to create not one, but two tutorials using the FW18 Apotheosis Le Mat De CHANEL collection. I hope you guys enjoy it!

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
- Gabrielle Chanel

This collection is all about beautiful velvety matte textures, from the lips to the nails, eyes, and cheeks, everything is matte, even down to the packaging.

CHANEL Beauty FW 18, Apotheosis Le Mat De Chanel.JPG

The shades are beautiful and range from blushy pinks to bold pinks, reds, beetroot purples, and blues! I never in a million years would think a collection consisting of pink and red would be able to accommodate a little blue story with such modernity, but somehow it all fit beautifully together. The looks from this collection are chic and feminine, basically everything you can expect from CHANEL, and they compliment my olive complexion nicely.

I'm going to leave this post short and sweet because I want you to go watch my YouTube video. Go ahead and press that play button!

VIDEO: Unboxing

Funny enough, this video was inspired by best friends mother, Grace. I recently found out that she's a YouTube fanatic and unboxings are some of her favourite videos to watch. After giggling for a good half hour about who's buying what and who's thrifting where I decided that I too would be jumping on unboxing train!

I've personally always held back on these type of videos because I was afraid of what people would think or say. It's actually a ridiculous reason not to do something and this year I'm embracing "no fucks given" and "you do you", hence making two shopping videos in a row *gasp*! 

I hope you guys enjoy watching and if you haven't already, please subscribe and give my video a thumbs up!