Armani's new Neo Nude collection is perfect for that no-makeup makeup look we all strive for. It's all about letting beautiful glowing skin shine through and looking like your best self.  

The Neo Nude Powder ($68) makes an awesome travel companion being a spill-proof powder-to-liquid foundation. It applies easily on skin and is best used with the Neo Nude Kabuki brush ($52) in a circular motion. Pop on some mascara and a dab of the Neo Nude A-Line liquid blush ($48) on the cheeks and lips and you're good to go.

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It's that time again, time for another CHANEL beauty video! This time I took your feedback into consideration and I was sure to create not one, but two tutorials using the FW18 Apotheosis Le Mat De CHANEL collection. I hope you guys enjoy it!

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
- Gabrielle Chanel

This collection is all about beautiful velvety matte textures, from the lips to the nails, eyes, and cheeks, everything is matte, even down to the packaging.

CHANEL Beauty FW 18, Apotheosis Le Mat De Chanel.JPG

The shades are beautiful and range from blushy pinks to bold pinks, reds, beetroot purples, and blues! I never in a million years would think a collection consisting of pink and red would be able to accommodate a little blue story with such modernity, but somehow it all fit beautifully together. The looks from this collection are chic and feminine, basically everything you can expect from CHANEL, and they compliment my olive complexion nicely.

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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul (OUTFIT + VIDEO post)

fw18 street style plaid suit women - menswear inspired - nordstrom - alexander wang Orange red AW BBall Soccer Sneakers, louis vuitton small agenda 3.JPG

If you follow me on IG then you'll know that I recently had a chance to pre-shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple of days ago.

This sale happens once a year in July. It's when the store teams up with a bunch of brands like Madewell, Alice & Olivia, Alexander Wang, along with other awesome designers and offers new fall fashions at a discounted price for a limited time. Yes, I said NEW FALL FASHIONS. *mic drop* 

fw18 street style plaid suit women - menswear inspired - nordstrom - alexander wang Orange red AW BBall Soccer Sneakers, louis vuitton small agenda 4.JPG

I scored this cute Treasure & Bond suit (a Nordstrom house brand) for $150 at their anniversary price along with this ADIOS t-shirt from Madewell. How I only came home with these three pieces is seriously a miracle. (Either that or I have Paris on the brain.)

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I paired the suit with my red-orange Alexander Wang x Adidas three stripe sneakers. I ordered them on the weekend and they came in just in time to wear with this suit.

(BTW - These kicks are special edition and came out earlier in the season. They went on sale and I happen to score the last pair in my size. I swear, shoes always find me!)

I let the menswear inspiration do it's thing and left my handbag at home. Instead I opted for my LV accessories - my (19 cm) Toiletry Pouch, small agenda and 4 key ring holder. Something about the pops of red against the grey plaid just make the outfit come to life.

fw18 street style plaid suit women - menswear inspired - nordstrom - alexander wang Orange red AW BBall Soccer Sneakers, louis vuitton small agenda 2.JPG

I'm glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone for once and opted for a suit instead of another pair of jeans. 

Fall, I'm ready. Bring it!

fw18 street style plaid suit women - menswear inspired - nordstrom - alexander wang Orange red AW BBall Soccer Sneakers, louis vuitton small agenda.JPG

7 Fabulous Summer Scents to Try Now

7 FABULOUS SUMMER SCENTS - Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, CHANEL No 5 L'eau, L'eau Tan, Atelier Cologne Clementine California, Tom Ford Santal Blush, Soleil Blanc, Anine Bing, Savage Rose - - nathalie martin.jpg

Summer doesn't have to mean swapping out your favourite scent for something light and fruity. If you're like me, the idea of this is repulsive. As my best friend points out, I'm drawn to "mysterious" scents. Trust me, nothing's gonna stop me from wearing sandalwood, regardless of the weather.

Below are seven of my favourite scents that will withstand even the hottest of summer days and will always leave you smelling amazing. 

  1. MARC JACOBS DAISY LOVE - Youthful and sophisticated this new MJ scent has top notes of Crystallized cloudberries (smells as intriguing as it sounds) with a base of Cashmere musk and driftwood.
  2. CHANEL N°5 L'EAU - Fans of N°5 L'EAU are going to flip for this one. It's the same uber-chic scent in an All-Over spray formula. What does that mean? Lighter in delivery and can be used in your hair. Yes, please!
  3. ATELIER COLOGNE CLEMENTINE CALIFORNIA - Sweet but citrusy with a tangy kick, this scent is beautiful on everyone. Yes, it's gender neutral and I love it!
  4. CHANEL L'EAU TAN - Not exactly a fragrance, this self-tanning mist smells amazing enough to be one. A blend of citrus with accents of orange blossom & lily, with an underlying soft amber base of white musks, I'm living for this one!
  5. TOM FORD SOLEIL BLANC - It smells like the most luxurious vacation ever. Seriously. If you haven't caught a whiff of this one yet, run to the nearest TF counter!
  6. TOM FORD SANTAL BLUSH - Perfect for summer, and actually, all year round. You'll love this spicy oriental scent if you're a fan of sandalwood. 
  7. ANINE BING SAVAGE ROSE - This isn't Grandma's rose scent. This scent is modern, unique and smells very green - like freshly picked flowers after the rain. It's beyond gorgeous. 

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE

Snapseed 8.jpg

Summer is pretty much here and we’re all living for it, except me. Sunny skies and 35 degrees of sweltering heat. Do you know what that does to a girl’s hair when she’s rushing around the city going from meeting to meeting? Mayhem. Hair mayhem!

The reality is, I love fall. I love the cool air, the layered fashion and the humidity-free weather. Most of all, I really like that I don’t have to worry about my hair flaring up into a frizz ball that resembles a lions mane.

Snapseed 10.jpg

Summer for me has always meant big, unmanageable, frizzy hair and I’ve always felt too deterred to even deal with it, so it was always tied back in a ponytail.

My pony had so many frizzy fly-aways coming out of every which direction that I should have just gotten myself a hat! LOL! Childhood can be cruel, that I’m sure we can all agree on, and I for one have spent a good chunk of my adulthood trying to figure out how to deal with the hair I was given.

Conditioner is the biggest key player in getting it looking smooth and healthy in the summer months. It’s the best way of fighting humidity, keeping away frizz and holding onto my hairstyle! Without it, my waves fall out and my hair puffs up like a lion’s mane! Remember those before and after pics from my last PANTENE post? ;)

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - 11.jpg

Before I made the switch to PANTENE I was going back and forth between some high-end designer stuff and another drugstore brand. My job as a fashion and beauty blogger means that I’m constantly testing out new products for you guys so I can give you my honest review.

My hair completely transformed as soon as I started using PANTENE’s Smooth & Sleek Conditioner. It’s way more manageable now and can withhold even the hottest of summer days in the city. I have to admit that one of the coolest outcomes from using PANTENE these last few months has to be that my hair is much stronger and healthier now!

If you want to read about how I style my hair, keep reading below.

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - woahstyle.com_7102 2.jpg

How I Style My Hair for Soft Waves


The foundation of all good hair days starts in the shower. I use PANTENE’s Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner collection to bring out my natural waves and keep the frizz away. PANTENE’s conditioners are all formulated to protect and strengthen hair, and they have over a dozen different ones to suit all hair types, so be sure to get the right formula for you.


Right out of the shower I use their combing crème in my damp hair before running a wide-tooth comb through it. The product allows the comb to glide through wet hair, minimizing any breakage.


I air dry when I can but if not, I set the blow dryer to medium heat and always use a heat protector.


Now that my hair is dry, I divide my hair into four sections. I work through each one by taking a small 1-inch piece at a time and glide my flat iron down my hair, twisting my wrist mid-way to create a soft curl.


As I work my way through each section of my hair, I set the curls with PANTENE’S Airspray, an alcohol-free aerosol hairspray with flexible hold. I love this one because it doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy and doesn’t have that alcohol scent that a lot of hairsprays have!


Once I’m done my whole head and the hairspray is set, I take a hairbrush and gently brush my hair, converting all of those curls into soft waves.    

That’s it!

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - 7.jpg
BONUS STYLE TRICK: At night I put my hair into a super high ponytail, right on the top of head, and I sleep on a silk pillow case. I find doing this doesn’t flatten my curls at all. In the morning, I just let it out, give it a quick brush and I’m ready.

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Pantene. All photos and opinions are my own.