Out of all of the activities we had lined up in Banff and Lake Louise, I was most looking forward to dog sledding. I was imagining gigantic, majestic huskies with piercing blue eyes and cuddly thick fur. Instead I was surprised to see small 40-50 pound doggies that wouldn't stop yapping from excitement of running in the snow. I have two cats at home so being around barking dogs was making me really nervous because I'm not used to it. I sucked it up, climbed into the sled and we took off with David, our sled driver (is that what they're called?). He told us stories about moving from northern Ontario to the Yukon where he was a professional dog sledder. Who would have thought that was even a thing? The cool thing about everyone we met on our Banff & Lake Louise excursion, are the people who come from all walks of life. They all have one thing in common - they love living in the mountains. It's cool hearing their stories and experiencing a part of what they do on their day to day, like dog sledding or snowshoeing or being a guide. (I realize I sound like a total nerd right now!)
Anyway, dog sledding was cool but cold as hell. Once more I found myself wishing I'd been wearing warmer gear. Next time!

xo, Nathalie

 Geoff and I wrapped up as warm as possible meeting our sled dogs. 

Geoff and I wrapped up as warm as possible meeting our sled dogs. 

ON LOCATION at Banff, AB c/o Fairmont Banff Springs

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