020315 Butter Avenue Spring Tasting


I want to start this post by saying thank you to Calvin Su and Chef Tina Su, for inviting Geoff and I to a wonderful evening sampling their spring tastings menu. Alongside some other very talented Toronto bloggers and Instagram-ers, we joined Calvin and Chef Tina (siblings in case you're wondering) for some artisan brewed coffee, special savoury waffles and ate one of the most beautiful (limited edition) heart shaped raspberry, lychee cakes ever! It's released especially for Valentines Day btw. I hope you'll enjoy this special behind the scenes post because the magic of Butter Avenue is real and now we love it even more!
xo, Nathalie

Vacuum brewed coffee provides an excellent way to bring out the full flavours of the Vanilla & Chocolate Guatemalan coffee that was served. Each small pot took about about 10 mins to brew but we didn't mind. It was fun to watch and delicious to drink!

Being the only vegetarian there, Chef Tina still made me feel included by serving me a special dish of beautifully marinated veggies to go with the waffles. Everyone else got smoked salmon with raspberry vinaigrette.


To cleanse the palette we were served a Pink Refresher of pink grapefruit and lemon. Sweet and slightly tangy. Yum!

While the whole evening was so fun and special this is kind of where I lost it! Chef Tina assembled the "All My Heart" cake in front of us. Fresh raspberries and lychee filled with raspberry cremeux were gently placed on a cake made of creme d'amande rose and raspberry spirit. A heart shaped macaron tops off the cake that's perfect for two. After the cake was assembled we sat down for a taste and instead of a piece, an entire cake was brought out for each of us to take home! Amazing!


Along with our cakes we all got a "Box of Hearts" French macarons to enjoy for the next day. The box of 6 contains 66% dark chocolate, raspberry and vanilla caramel. It is limited edition and was available for order starting now. I'll be calling Butter Avenue to grab a few of these before they're gone. Oh - and in case you're wondering why you don't see heart shaped macarons often, it's because they're very difficult to make. That just makes them even more desirable and special if you ask me. 

For Valentine's Day orders call Butter Avenue directly at their order desk at 647-341-8686.

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