2016 has been the year of tech toys for Geoff and I. We've invested in a new camera lens, 2 new Canon cameras, mics, and a ton of SD cards to help us do our job here at the blog but also because we love getting new toys! LOL

I'm happy to announce that I've partnered with Best Buy Canada for this post to bring you guys some goodies to consider during your holiday shopping, wether you still haven't bought a gift for someone or maybe you're out Boxing Day shopping for yourself here are two tech toys that should be high on your list.

BOSE SOUNDLINK color II splash proof portable SPEAKERS

Geoff writes and composes his own music and in the last year he's spent quite a bit of time building himself a custom desk which includes a midi keyboard, audio interface, Shure stereo monitor professional headphones and studio monitor speakers. You'd think he was a professional musician but he does it all recreationally. I used to tease him for such an elaborate set up but I actually love his desk now that I do YouTube videos since I can sit there for hours and edit happily to my hearts content. 

Seeing as music is such a big part of his life, I surprised him with the Bose Soundlink Color II speakers since he likes listening to music in our patio during the summer and likes to have music playing in the kitchen as we cook. The speakers are easy to hook up to any mobile device via bluetooth and the sound quality from this small box is superb. Best of all, I can steal it from him and listen to Sirius XM as I work so it's win win! These speakers are perfect for any music lover so consider this one while you're Boxing Day shopping this year. 


iHealth Core scale
(ON SALE NOW FOR $99.99 UNTIL DEC 29, 2016)

2016 was the year of weight gain and bad health for me. I went from eating clean to stress eating junk food, not working out, not moving enough and gaining 10-15 lbs which has resulted in me going up a pant size for the first time in my adult life. I was vegan for two years and made the switch to vegetarian last year because I was too lazy and tired to make meals that nourish my body properly. 

Getting back into shape and becoming a healthier me as been on the forefront of my mind recently as I think about expanding my family. I'm no spring chicken after all and getting my body and mind into shape is the best thing I can do. The iHealth Core scale measures your body composition - weight, body fat and tracks your lean mass, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat rating with the help of the app that tracks your progress. 

This is an excellent gift for yourself or anyone who's interested in maintaining their health and getting back into shape.

This post is in collaboration with Best Buy Canada.
All photos opinions are my own.