Last week I met Selena Gomez and it was awesome!

When Pantene invited me to Selena's Revival Tour with a chance to meet her pre-show I said "Heck ya!"

I was almost expecting her to be sitting down behind a table signing autographs but no, there she was, standing and meeting everyone face to face, smiling and hugging us normal people asking us about our day. In person she is the cutest - super polite with excellent manners and very engaging. And her hair! It's even bigger and shinier in person but else do you expect from Pantene's brand ambassador? I'm almost tempted to grow mine out and then I remember how high maintenance long hair is. I wish I'd had the foresight to ask her for some beauty tips. Maybe next time.

Funny enough I had a close encounter with Selena in LA earlier this year when I stayed at the Mondrian. She was staying at the same hotel and it was would have been super easy to go up to her and say "hi" but I never did. Funny how life works out! 

As for the concert, it was awesome. She's a talented singer and she knows how to preform. I have her latest album, Revival, playing on repeat. 

Special thanks to Pantene for the amazing opportunity to meet Selena!

xo, Nathalie

I felt old AF at the Selena Gomez concert. I was convinced I was going to look like her mom in our photo.  A wave of relief hit me when I got the pictures back and I realized we look like cousins not mother/daughter. Hah!
I wore a leather skirt, Aritzia top and Free People blouse and accessorized gold Gucci slippers and my Dionysus bag. My hair got a healthy dose of Pantene before the show.  (Fun fact: Pantene is my mum's fave hair brand and I grew up using it thanks to her!)