In this version of Fancy Things You Need Now, I'm going to be looking at the Nespresso - the pricey coffee machine that pumps out lattes, macchiatos, espressos and regular ol' coffee in less time than it takes to order most fancy lattes. Since getting my machine I've come to realize the Nespresso is more convenient and less expensive (with cost per use) than buying a cup of coffee everyday.

Let me tell you that we love coffee in my house. We have two french presses, a percolator, a Kitchen Aid coffee maker and a Cuisinart Cappuccino maker that we got as a wedding gift. We grind our own coffee beans and when it comes to espresso, we only use Illy. We're one of those couples.

Now that you know my level of commitment to coffee, let me tell you why you need a Nespresso.

Everyone wants to drink a good cup of coffee but not everyone knows how to make it. Think about how many lukewarm, bad tasting cups you've ever had at a cafeteria, restaurant or relatives house. Nespresso measures the exact amount of water needed for each coffee capsule, ensuring your coffee is consistently delish. Each capsule is sealed until it's time to brew.  

With 16 flavours available, from light to dark roasts, my faves are; Melozio (medium blend), Hazelino (hazelnut flavoured blend) and Odacio (medium blend with a hint of fruit). 

Seriously it doesn't get any easier. Just place the capsule in the machine, press the button and voila!

Fast forward to three weeks since getting our Nespresso and the daily run to Starbucks has stopped. Now I feel guilty buying coffee when I'm out because I can make better coffee at home.

The Nespresso VertuoLine (featured in this post) retails for $249 and is available as a bundle with the Aeroccino (milk frother) for $299. The Aeroccino retails for $100 on it's own. Coffee capsules average on $1.10, which is cheaper than most coffee shops. Espresso capsules retail for $0.85. It's hard to deny that having a Nespresso is cheaper in the long run.

My favourite thing; curl up with a magazine and a hot cup of coffee. #AllDone

My favourite thing; curl up with a magazine and a hot cup of coffee. #AllDone

In collaboration with Nespresso Canada.
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