10 Low maintenance indoor plants


I’m currently in the midst of redecorating my living room. It’s coming together nicely, and I’d describe it as midcentury modern with my own twist to it. Anyway, when I stood back to look at my new decor, it didn’t feel as warm and homey as I wanted. Then it hit me- I was missing plants! Since I have two cats, who are all but too curious with plants, I knew that I needed something that would be resilient and safe for my feline family members. I also live in a townhouse with one big window in the living room/ dining room area which means plants that could thrive in medium-low light conditions would be best.

I had already done some research online before heading into the greenhouse and I learned that snake plants, zz plants, rubber plants and pothos plants are all easy to care for. To be honest I really wanted one of those Instagram-worthy monstera plants but my local greenhouse didn’t have any. I read these plants are toxic to cats so I would have had to keep it high off the ground anyway. After talking to someone at the greenhouse and weighing out the pros and cons of each plant, I decided to bring home some snake plants. Not only are they super low maintenance, but I really like how to the leaves stick straight up into the air, meaning my cats wouldn’t be sneaking into the plant for a little tinkle. 

I’m super excited about my newly decorated space so I plan on sharing it with you guys soon so stay tuned for that! In the meanwhile, I hope you learn a few things about the best low maintenance plants for your home. 

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I love lilies but they're toxic to cats. Do a quick google search to make sure the house plants you want are pet friendly.

I love lilies but they're toxic to cats. Do a quick google search to make sure the house plants you want are pet friendly.



Snake plants have a low toxicity level to cats and dogs but they would have to be ingested in a large quantity to do damage. I’ve been monitoring my cats carefully and they don’t seem to care for the plants one bit, which is actually surprising since they normally tear into every other plant and floral arrangement I’ve ever had. I also have a large zz plant from way before Geoff and I adopted our cats. These plants are toxic to cats, so I keep the plant on a high pedestal where they can’t get to it.



Snake plants are known to purify the air. I currently have two small ones in my living room, and one medium sized one in my dining room. Our large zz plant lives on a tall pedestal by Geoff’s piano, and away from the cats.



1. ZZ Plant
2. Snake Plant
3. Rubber Tree Plant
4. Pothos Plant
5. Fiddle Leaf Fig
6. Bird of Paradise
7. Dracena Plant
8. Monstera Deliciosa
9. Philodendron
10. Dumb Cane Plant

I define low maintenance plants as minimal watering and medium-low light. If you have pets, please do a quick google search to see if they are poisonous to your furry family members. I'm not adding cacti to this list because they require more light.

The Best Low Maintenance house plants - woahstyle.com

Photography by Geoff Martin.
Shot on location at Terra Greenhouse in Milton.
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