My lipstick blog is here!

You wanna know what the great thing about being in your thirties is? You finally stop giving a f*ck. 

I've been so focused on insane things like how well my posts would perform on Instagram that I started to lose focus. As great as IG has been for bringing people together, it is the devil in terms of mental health! If you read my recent post on Life After Instagram, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

These days I'm feeling refocused and re-inspired.

Last month I had this insane idea to launch a lipstick blog. I ran it by you guys on Stories the exact day I received this massive PR gift from MAC containing 68 lipsticks (!!!!). Talk about kismet! You guys were excited by the prospect and DM'ed me to make it happen so here we are.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I carry at least 5 tubes of lipstick in my bag at any given time so when I got the MAC gift, I was in lipstick heaven! I wanted to swatch everything for you guys and talk about MAC as an iconic brand so I set out to do just that. I started working away on, a new blog 100% dedicated to lip products, with the help and guidance of my beauty contributor, Diana. 

We launched the blog on July 28, National Lipstick Day. 

I started WoahStyle as a means to give women confidence in how they dress. Now, I'm launching, to inspire lipstick enthusiasts and give the beauty community something new.

Oh, and what's with the name? It's a play on words for my lipstick obsession. Lip-sick. Get it? 

Finally, not giving an eff is paying off. I'm trusting my gut and just going with the flow.  

I hope you guys will enjoy my new blog!

And don't worry, WoahStyle isn't going anywhere. ;)