Written by: Diana Aldea
Photography by: Nathalie Martin

Everyone knows that drinking water's good for you. But it can get boring, fast. SodaStream has been around for a while, and everyone I know who has one, loves it. While it seems like a fancy gadget for fancy people, it really isn't. Here's three reasons why you need a SodaStream in your life.


I'm guilty of spending a lot of money on sparkling water. On average, my boyfriend and I buy 2-3 bottles of Perrier or San Pellegrino a week. Nathalie, Michael of Global Garçon and I have been spending a lot of time at Beaumont Kitchen. Every time we go - we order sparkling water for the table - and it's $3 per person for unlimited bottles throughout the evening. That's $9 for a few bottles of tap water that they likely carbonated through a SodaStream. That shit's gotta stop. 

While I'm not exactly cheap, I want to be. I want to save my money for important things like a trip, a new bag, or (gasp) my retirement savings. I did the math and in my household, we spend over $200 annually on fizzy, f*cking water. I did some more math and it costs us .67 cents to make a litre of sparkling water with the SodaStream. If we did this all year, we'd save nearly $100. 

While we don't drink a lot of soda, but we have frequent visitors who do (hi mom). It's simple and easy to make flavouring for your carbonated water. But, if you're lazy (like me), you can also buy the SodaStream branded syrups for under $10. These could last for months if you're using them for only a few bottles a week. For extra points, buy the syrups at Bed Bath & Beyond when they've got a 20% off coupon, which they send out monthly.

So if you're cheap - or aspiring to be - the SodaStream is a good option for those who like things a little fizzy. 


A long time ago, being lazy meant littering and throwing recyclable items in the garbage. Those days are long gone. Now, being lazy is letting the recycling in your condo get out of control and getting into screaming matches with your partner about who's turn it is to take it downstairs. Oh, don't pretend this hasn't happened to you.

One of the great things about the SodaStream is that you'll always reuse the same bottles. A majority of the bottles that the brand sells are even dishwasher safe. They're also very modern looking, which is great for presentation purposes - especially when you have fancy friends over for dinner parties. Or in my case, when Nathalie comes over to binge on cheese pizza, drink fizzy citrus water and watch way too many episodes of the Kardashians (love you most, Khloé). 

"I love carrying heavy groceries" - said no one, ever.

When you buy bottled anything, it adds so much weight to your groceries. While that's great for your triceps and biceps, it's still a pain. For those of you who get enough of a workout at the gym, or carrying your dog, child, whatever - the SodaStream is awesome. You'll have sparkling water in minutes from tap water and it's pretty awesome to watch. 


I once worked with a woman who ate NO sugar whatsoever. She even limited the amount of spinach she ate, as it "breaks down into sugar, y'know". I thought she was a little nuts, but she was bikini-ready all year long, so who was I to hate? 

For those who like a little sugar in their bevvy - but want to control exactly how much goes in - the SodaStream is perfect. As I mentioned, you can buy the brand's syrups, but there are literally thousands of recipes for homemade soda flavourings online. Over the weekend, Nathalie came over and cut up some fruit and we put it into bottles of extra carbonated SodaStream water. Being able to choose your level of carbonation is awesome and I put it on the highest setting because I LIKE TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY.

We ended up taking a bottle to my boyfriend's parents for dinner the next evening and it was a hit. They too buy multiple bottles of San Pellegrino a week, and I saw that spendy glimmer is his dad's eye. I'd be surprised if they don't have one by the summer.

Spring's finally here and summer's just around the corner. Pretty sure I'll be using it a lot, making tons of seasonal drinks that make me look way more Martha than I actually am.

[The Soda Stream Power was provided to but all opinions are my own.]