Why The Mustang GT Is THE Car for Date Night

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At Sydenham Lookout wearing Madewell oversized denim jacket, Aritzia bodysuit, leather trousers, Birkenstock sandals, and YSL sunglasses.

Guest author: Geoff Martin

I’ve been very fortunate over the past few years working together with Nathalie to create content and help bring inspiration and knowledge to people wanting to know more on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Nathalie is the driving force behind WoahStyle but I am the ever present husband behind the scenes helping to bring you her vision.

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Mustang GT looking all sleek at dusk.

Occasionally though, she will surprise me with the “fun stuff”. And by fun stuff, I mean perks of the job like cars, getaways or date nights out that we can share together. That’s why when she surprised me with a 2019 GT Premium Convertible Mustang for the weekend to cruise around in, hit up our favourite restaurants and be tourists in our own town, I nearly lost my shit. So on this occasion she has asked me to step out from behind the lens and write my first ever article on my thoughts from the weekend, and I am more than happy to do so.

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Wearing an oversized Madewell denim jacket.

 We couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend to have a convertible, and so we totally made full use of it by driving with the top down! There is something intangible yet exhilarating about driving with no barrier between you and the outside world that just connects you more to the drive rather than the destination. And so we took the long way around or decided to veer off course when we might have seen something that caught our interest.

Our destination this particular weekend was the Dundas area because it sits nestled right underneath the Niagara escarpment where we have found good food and fun shops. And then right nearby are many parks and trails with multiple waterfalls and lookout points for you to explore.


Nathalie wearing Balenciaga shirt, Anine Bing silk dress, Alexander Wang sandals, Kara biker wallet bag and YSL sunglasses.

For dinner, we went to The French in a nearby upscale historic district of Hamilton, and ordered what felt like everything on the menu. We started with the beet & chevre salad, then for the mains Nathalie had the vegetable paella, I had the salmon and we shared a gnocchi dish. Finally, for desert we shared a vanilla crème brûlée and their “opera cake” which consists of almonds, coffee, chocolate and blackberry. Such a fun dinner.



The car itself is crazy, and in my opinion is a beast for the price. At just over $50k, you are getting a 5 litre, 460hp, 420 ft. lb torque automobile, with a 10-speed select shift automatic transmission. This is not your standard automobile!

It looks as bad ass as it sounds too with 18” alloy wheels, optional leather interior, and a new 12” LDC digital instrument cluster with ambient lighting and display called MyColour, which lets you take control of everything you see. Then at night there’s even a mustang projected on the ground, like a kind of welcome mat for your home as you unlock and enter the car. For the drive, there’s also a new lane keeping system included to help alert you if you go out of your lane.

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Nathalie wearing Madewell oversized denim jacket, Aritzia bodysuit, leather trousers, Birkenstock sandals, and YSL sunglasses.

My only wish would have been to drive a standard transmission, as I believe that this is how any true sports car should be driven. Despite this, I was still able to have fun using the paddle shifters in sport mode which helped me quench my desire for some manual control.

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Nathalie wearing a Balenciaga shirt and Everyday XXS tote bag, Burberry shorts, Birkenstock sandals and YSL sunglasses.

One recommendation I have would be for Ford to make the key fob a bit smaller. It was annoyingly large and heavy compared to the key fobs I’m used to carrying. When paired with my already large janitor size key ring, it made it all but impossible to carry in my pocket. Therefore, I found myself either carrying the keys in my hands or giving them to Nathalie to put in her purse, which I don’t think she liked though because she claimed it was wreaking her Balenciaga. A small price to pay for driving a Mustang GT I think!

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In general, I have to say that I have never been a muscle car kind of guy, but this car made me change my tune. It’s a comfortable and smooth ride, but has the power of a true muscle car which is the best of both luxury and sport. The engine noise is melodic yet ominous with its deep gurgling rumble as if ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

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Nathalie and Geoff.

 All in all, it was a great weekend. The Ford GT forced our inner explorer to come out, by being a tourist in our own city. It’s certainly a statement car, from its looks, to its sound, to its power, and surely got us noticed everywhere we went and I can’t say that I minded the attention. After returning the car, I totally forgot how high I typically sit in my SUV and it made me wish I was back MY Mustang GT! Please give me my Mustang back!

-Geoff Martin


Disclaimer: Mustang GT was provided for PR by Ford Canada.
All photos and opinions belong to Geoff and Nathalie Martin.