When Palm Bay approached me about hosting a girls night in, I thought “alright let’s do this”. But then my day to day life got really busy and hosting a night with the girls seemed like the last thing on my mind.


Thing is, I was making a big deal out of nothing and forgot the big picture. I’m seriously blessed with the greatest friends ever and when we get together it’s like time hasn’t passed. Hosting a night in for my girls is super easy. All we need is some good food and drinks and before we know it, we’re laughing so hard we’re about to pee our pants (ok not really). I’m lucky this all came together when it did because my girls and I vowed to make more time for each other and turn this into a monthly thing.

xo, Nathalie

This post was sponsored by Palm Bay. All photos and opinions are my own.
Special thanks to my girls, Janet and Diana for helping my girls night in come to life!