This past weekend Geoff and I set up for an afternoon of cafe hopping and shooting content uptown around the Yonge and Lawrence area. If you guys are familiar with the neighbourhood you'll know it's an affluent area, so when a woman in her late 40's driving an Audi Q7 SUV drove up next to us and almost ran me over, we were seriously caught off guard! Turns she had a problem where I was sitting on the sidewalk because it's the exact area she wanted to park. I would have moved but there was ample parking around us, including directly in front of the building she was going to. It wasn't necessary for me to move and she knew it, but this woman was for a fight.

After she parked she came raging out of her car yelling obscenities at us at the top of her lungs, all while her 10 year old boy sat from the passenger seat watching his mum go postal on us with his windows rolled down. Yes, mum was fully audible to the kid and when I pointed it out to her she screamed "I DON'T F***ING CARE!!!" Can you imagine being the child who sees his mother go mental on total strangers for something as trivial as a parking? It's sad to think about and I don't even want to go into the details of it but it's so completely unnecessary. Chances are she was having a crap day from the start and was just taking it out on us.

It makes me realize that sometimes it's easier to be vile and rude than it is to be nice. I'm proposing that you guys do something nice and unexpected that will brighten someones day. It's easier than you think. :)

As for the angry woman in the parking lot, the whole exchange ended with Geoff saying "have a nice day" and her yelling at us that she hopes we get runs over. 

Stay happy, friendly and smiling dear friends. 

xo, Nathalie

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