Happy Friday! Life has been so busy lately for me lately and I'm finally settling down to do some blogging. My horoscope said I'd be traveling lots in August and it wasn't kidding! Between going to Whistler with Shoppers Drug Mart, visiting the Bite Beauty labs and personal farm of the founder and an anniversary getaway to Langdon Hall, my calendar has been jam packed! Now that I'm back, I'm excited to share my brunch adventures and show you guys what to do this weekend! 

I can't remember the last time I spelt-in so you can bet what I'll be doing this weekend! 

My weekend style is pretty laid back, shorts or jeans, an oversized button up (Frank & Eileen makes my favourite ones. This one is called the Eileen) and some comfy shoes like these Zanotti combat boots (similar here). I keep my makeup pretty light and just slap on some lipstick and a pair of sunnies so no one knows I'm not wearing eye makeup! ;)

Once ready, it's time for a light brunch to get the day going. Recess Toronto has the traditional breakfast foods like blueberry flapjacks alongside some healthier vegan options like grapefruit stacks with pomegranate seeds. I'll admit, the food is decent here but the decor is better and calls for some awesome Instagram worthy pics. 

Nothing makes me happier than food. I saw a psychic recently and made it a point to say "Wow, you really love food!". She knows her stuff!

Afterwards it's time to run errands and build up an appetite for a bigger brunch! This weekend I'll be looking forward to soaking in the last couple of weeks of summer. Pretty soon it'll be time to put the shorts away and take the winter coats out. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Once it's past noon and a socially acceptable time to drink it's time to start sampling cocktails! #yolo

Fonda Lola on Queen Street has some killer margaritas and sangrias. The Mexican food here is phenomenal and every dish is tastier than it looks. Meat eaters will have plenty to choose from but us vegetarians have limited options. Also, be sure to order a starter because when I visited there was only one cook in the kitchen for the entire restaurant and we were there for about three hours from start to finish. Love you Fonda Lola but it's time to get more cooks in the kitchen! 

With happy and full bellies it's time for a little summertime siesta and to dream the next brunch spot. Any suggestions? 

Fonda Lola  has phenomenal Instagram worthy dishes for those seeking good food and good pics! ;)

Fonda Lola has phenomenal Instagram worthy dishes for those seeking good food and good pics! ;)