Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have noticed a few things;

1) I changed my handle name from @woahstyledotcom to @_nathaliemartin
2) I've been less active on the app these days

So why the name change and what's going on? 

Let me tell you.

For one, I changed my handle to be more personal. Sometimes I meet people IRL and they say "hey you're woahstyle!" Cool story you know my handle but do you know my real name? It happens more often than you think and yes, while it's flattering to be recognized, it also irks me knowing that I've been hiding behind an IG name to a certain degree.

That leads me to the next point. What's going on with me and why have I been less active on Instagram?

Truth is, Instagram has been boring me these days. Everyone looks the same, everyone posts the pics and everyone wears the same clothes all for the sake of likes and trying to stay ahead of the algorithms. Enough already!!

BTS I've been thinking about how to appease the app and myself without compromising who I am. If wear stripes for example my likes might be subpar but if I wear stripes with a logo or recognizable brand, my likes sky rocket! If I show the logo of a designer shoe, then my likes go up 10 fold and I can easily gain up to a thousand followers a day until that shoe pic makes it to the bottom of my grid. It's absurd really.

Striped Coat, Stella McCartney denim star bag and Saint Laurent Candy Platform boots-2.jpg

So if I haven't been posting on IG what have I been doing?

Well, I've been working on quality content for the blog for one. I hope you guys have noticed and based on your comments, I think you have so thank you! I've also been gathering lots of inspo from Pinterest and Tumblr. Yup I'm going old school! And when I'm not doing that I've been shooting new videos for my YouTube channel and I've been strategizing my 2017 plans. In the new year you guys will be getting to know me more; what fears and what life goals I have. You'll see what inspires me and what fuels my creativity. At the end of the day I might have a shoe closet that I'm damn proud of but I want to be known for who I am vs. what shoes I wear.  ; ) 

Did you catch that all? Is it all making sense? Great!


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Striped Coat, Stella McCartney denim star bag and Saint Laurent Candy Platform boots-5.jpg
As much as IG has been stifling my creativity these days I'm grateful for the app. For one, I might not be a freelance blogger/ content creator without it introducing me to so many people. It's those people who have made my blogging journey more exciting. My IG friend Ruby from rougecloset.com was recently the guest editor of The Closeteur Magazine and she asked me to style this rad kimono from Sarah Lai. Click here for my interview. (Thanks Ruby!)