The Best Red Accents from PFW 2107


I can't remember the last time red was the hot colour of the season but I'm all over it for fall 2017. My wardrobe has always been sprinkled with red accents for as long as I remember and most recently, I just picked up a beautiful bright red Celiné bag that I can't get enough of. 

During the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 shows, editors and models were also feeling the red vibes as they rocked some pretty unique looks.

⭐  Pernille Teisbaek went for pops of red in her sunglasses and in the lining of her plaid trench instead of going full-on with the colour.

⭐  Gilda Ambrosio paired red pointed toe boots with a pink silk dress for an understated glam look.

⭐  Anna Dello Russo also went for the red pointed toe boots, but opted for a knee-high version paired with a mini black ruffle dress that suits her personal style amazingly. 

⭐  Model off duty, Romee Strijd, took a more casual approach while remaining to make a bold statement with red lace-up skinny pants, a red cap, and Balmain graphic tee. 

⭐  Caroline de Maigret, one of my personal favourite fashion icons, went for a more classic and comfortable look with her red and pink shearling bomber. 

Red Accents

Break up the intensity of red by pairing it with neutrals. For this look, I mixed and matched textures with these modern Balenciaga pant/boots with a embroidered cotton Celia Dragouni frock. Layer in a Loewe shoulder bag and a wool Isabel Marant scarf and you're fall ready. 

My Faves

Red is one of my favourite colours to play with. I love orange-reds because it's a warm shade that compliments my olive complexion nicely. My aesthetic is very rock and roll inspired so I love the idea of a red band jacket paired with some badass ankle boots and a glossy red lip.


Marc Jacobs new Eye-Conic Eyeshadow collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty launched six new eyeshadow palettes this fall, all inspired by his fashion runway shows. Named the Eye-Conic collection, each palette contains seven stunning shades for everything you need to create your own bold eye. From metallics, mattes, and shimmers, MJ Beauty has you covered. Yes, there are even three new eye brushes in the collection and a new Coconut eye primer too. 

I've been playing around with these shadows for a while now and I'm hella impressed. So far all of the shades are beautifully pigmented and go on the way you see them in the pan. I find some of the mattes are a bit too powdery, but that's simply fixed by tapping off the excess first. With the metallic shades, I simply press them onto my lids using the Shadow Brush. They go on so well, like BAM, even without using a primer. It's exactly the kind of quality that we'd expect from Marc Jacobs Beauty. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty can be exclusively found at Sephora and

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette_9975.jpg
Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow all palettes.jpg

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palettes

Each palette has it's own runway personality. 

  1. PROVOCOUTURE (pink)
  2. SCANDALUST (warm brows & scarlet) 
  3. EDGITORIAL (camouflage & gold) 
  4. GLAMBITION (bronze & gold) 
  5. FRIVOLUXE (purple) 
  6. SMARTORIAL (blue) 

Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeshadow brushes

These three new brushes will be a part of Marc Jacobs permanent lineup - a smudge brush, crease brush, and shadow brush. They feature super soft, synthetic bristles that are shed-free and make blending my eyeshadows a dream. Dare I say, even better than my MAC eyeshadow brushes? The sleek black handles have a nice weight to them and don't feel as heavy as some of the other MJ face brushes. I love the bronzer brush more than anything but it is a heavy beast. If I could only recommend one of these, it would be the crease brush. It has a really nice tapered end that makes it perfect for blending underneath the lashline.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer

MJ's coconut face primer is probably the brand's most popular item so it makes sense they would extend the collection to an eye primer as well. This one is crease proof with coconut extracts to lock in colour for the whole day.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette IG.jpg



Battle of The Brows: Benefit VS. Shu Uemura



Show me a woman who's not concerned about her brows and I'll call liar. JK. (kinda...) 

I spent the weekend elbow deep in beauty products, planning out my sister-in-laws makeup for her upcoming November wedding. She asked that I be her makeup artists for the big day and I couldn't say no. Any chance to play with makeup and try something new always makes me really happy so I was all in! Her beauty routine is very simple, mascara and SPF and that's it! The best approach for someone like her is to keep everything natural. A light foundation, peachy toned blush, a swipe of mascara, flesh toned lipstick and some brow powder to fill them in. 

Being the minimal girl she is, my sister-in-law surprised me when she said she hates her brows and really needs help in that area. Turns out she has freaking awesome brows because she hardly tweezes so they're nice and full. With a little help of Benefit's Foolproof Brow Powder she has lust worthy brows in no time. This product is a bit too light and natural for my thin sparse brows but it was awesome for someone like her!

As for her overall makeup, it was radiant and glowy and she looked beautiful! I can't wait to see her in her dress on her big day!


Self Love (no, not that kind)

nars fall 2017 collection

Ok here goes. 

I started seeing a therapist recently.

While this might not be a big deal to most people, this is a HUGE deal for me.

There's so much that's happened this year that has proven to be incredibly challenging, even without the aid of a therapist. My best friend's father passed away from cancer at the start of the year, and that alone was tough enough to deal with. In my mind, being there for her meant putting her first and myself last. I didn't even give myself time to grieve until the day of her dad's funeral - it finally hit me that he was really gone. After that, I spiraled into a horrible depression, and my anxiety was at an all-time high. My fears were out of control and it affected everything in my life. I couldn't even open social media without a panic attack!

NARS velvet foundation fall 2017_9268.jpg

Long story short, after months of feeling like crap, I started to look after myself again. That was when I knew I had to talk to someone because I wanted to continue to heal. In hindsight, I should have been kinder to myself and taken the time to deal with my own pain but I felt guilty.

It's so easy for us to put the people closest to us first when they're going through a crisis. We take on their hardships as if they're our own and we put ourselves through the emotional wringer which benefits no one.

Something my therapist talks about is being mindful. For example, I hate traffic. I hate it so much I get anxious and angry just thinking about it. I mentioned it to her during one of my appointments and told her I had a friend's baby shower to drive to that afternoon in peak rush hour. How the hell was I going to be mindful in sitting in rush hour? HOW?! I can't remember her exact words but she said something along the lines of "breathe" and envision the end result and seeing my friend at her baby shower. It helped a lot that day, but I still hate traffic.

NARS velvet foundation fall 2017_9239.jpg

Being mindful is just one of the ways I practice self-love. Another is by taking the time do things that bring me joy -for example watching YouTube first thing in the morning to help me get out of bed or lighting a scented candle while I read a good book. Above all else, putting on makeup is probably my favourite mindful activity because in that time I'm fully present in the act of getting my face on. I can easily spend a couple of hours getting ready and I'll never feel bad for that again. 

Whatever is happening in your life, make sure to take time for you. Because you're important and you're worth the effort. You'll be better to your people, and at the end of the day, happier for it.

Oh, and don't feel shame about needing help with your emotions, whichever way you choose to seek it. 

Hope you're all happy and healthy. If not, hope you're healing.

self love - no not that kind.jpg



How to style a killer bar cart

How to style a bar cart.jpg

Geoff and I recently got the cutest little bar cart without actually trying! Well, the truth is we had been looking for one for a few years but never found the right style to suit our decor. Geoff's taste is more masculine and he likes natural wood finishes and clean lines. I, on the other hand, love shiny finishes like mirror, brass or silver and it's not unusual that I'll decorate (and dress) with mix metals in mind. Through trial and error, we realized the mid-century modern aesthetic suits us both beautifully so that's what we lean towards with home decor. We also have an unspoken rule, if we don't love the piece in question then we don't bring it home. I have to admit, this rule is much easier when it comes to my closet because it's just me who has to be happy. With home decor, Geoff has to love it too so it always feels like a triumph when we find a piece that makes us both happy.

So back to the bar cart.

We did some cross-border shopping the other day and went to Target. There was our little bar cart, displayed on the top of a shelf in the home aisle waiting for us. But no really, it was actually the last one in store and we were freaking out a little because the sale price was too good at $68 USD! All of the other bar carts we had previously looked at were $200 upwards and it didn't even remotely leave a lasting impression on us like this one. Long story short, it's ours now.

Once we got the cart home, I started to work o the setup. Geoff knew he wanted all of our booze bottles on display and I knew I wanted to get some cute quirky little decor bits and bob.

Decorating without the help of Pinterest was interesting, to say the least. I thought I had a good grasp of how I wanted to style everything but I got overwhelmed quickly. That's when I took out the iPad and hit my Woahstyle Home board on Pinterest. From there it took me minutes to get everything in order and I was able to move in with my day. 

Here's with the perfect bar cart should look like. 


The Perfect Bar Cart

Start with the perfect bar cart that will suit your home and your personal taste. Think about how it'll flow with the rest of your decor. Do you prefer a metal finish? Wood? Brass? Silver? Acrylic? Like I said in the intro, Geoff is more keen on natural wood finishes and I prefer metals like brass. We found the ideal cart to suit both of our needs and the overall style of cart blends perfectly with our mid-century modern aesthetic. If you're more on the minimal side, look for something with clean lines a sleek finish.


Think Green

Back in the day, I was a stylist for a television channel and every time I dressed my sets I would incorporate plants. They happen to be fake because we were under hot studio lights that were only on while we were filming and otherwise the lights on set would be off. Having real plants wouldn't have worked in the TV environment but I was adamant that plants, fake or not, were necessary for livening up the sets. I use the same philosophy at home, and my living room is sprinkled with cacti and snake plants throughout. I figure my new bar cart shouldn't be any different so I added a real plant on the top level and a faux orchid that my mom gifted me on the bottom level where it gets less light. (Also I don't have to worry about my cats munching on it.) If you're curious about what plants are excellent for low light settings, make sure to check out my post on 10 Low maintenance indoor plants.



It's no surprise that I love art - everything from abstract to whimsical, animated and Renaissance, I love it all. I'm also very lucky because my brother is an artist and I have a few of his paintings displayed around my home.

Whether your into photography or paintings, hanging artwork above your bar cart will give it some life and personality and it'll provide your guests with conversation starter as they pour themselves another drink!


Make it Personal

Just like fashion, your home decor should reflect your personality. In the entire three years of WoahStyle I've always said "forget the trends and buy what you love". This holds true to home decor as well and in particular, styling your bar cart.

Here are the three key things I went for when styling our bar cart: 

  1. Something shiny (the mirrored tray I laid down on the first level of the bar cart)
  2. Something scented (my seasonal candle and diffuser from Nest! Right now I love the Pumpkin Chai scent which was gifted to me by the brand.)
  3. Something whimsical (the gold pineapple and brass alligator head that I've had for ages!)

Sure, the pineapple and the alligator head don't exactly go together and if you want to be technical, neither does the scent of Pumpkin Chai but I could care less. These little trinkets make me insanely happy and they reflect my personality. 

The mirrored tray serves well too. The reflective surface brings in light and femininity to an otherwise masculine bar cart (because of the wood grain). It also acts as an excellent surface for my guests to pour their drinks and I don't have to worry about spills. 


Bar & Glassware

I LOVE classic glassware. There was a time when Geoff and I were trying to go the more modern route with stemless wine glasses but we never ended up using them. We also never used the martini glasses, shot glasses and cocktail shakers we had so we ended up donating them all! These days we usually reach for the classics, a good old wine glass from Riedel and some lovely tumblers that were a gift by a family member. An ice bucket is a non-negotiable and we have a simple clear glass one that we keep in storage until it's ready to be used. Other things that could be helpful are tongs (for said ice bucket), napkins and stir sticks. At the end of the day though you have to create your bar in mind with how you and your guests prefer your drinks. As I mentioned before, we used to be fully loaded with a variety of glassware that proved to be useless for us.


I hope this helps you in styling your own bar cart at home or at least gives you some ideas on how to decorate a corner in your living room. I've also included the above image which helped me tremendously when putting mine together. If you aren't already on Pinterest, you need to get on it! It's such an amazing resource for ideas, decor, and fashion. Make sure you add me @woahstyle


Why White after Labour Day works

Why White after Labour Day works_0308.JPG

Back when I first started WoahStyle, over three years ago, I used a wear a lot of black. Everyone assumed I had an aversion to colour so when it started to creep into my blog life, people took notice. The comments used to make me laugh because they had no idea how much I truly love colour. 

So here's the deal. It's not black as a colour that I love, or any colour really, but it's more of the graphic element. Let me explain. 

Prada chunky heel slides fall 2017 _9075.jpg
Why White after Labour Day works_0310.JPG
Fall 2017 Accessories - Celine Vermillion nano luggage bag and tobacco colored Prada mules _9184.jpg

The Subtle Art of Contrast

My personal aesthetic is that I'm drawn to boldness with clean lines. All black with a glittery pink shoe; denim with a beautiful white coat; or in this instance, the warm tones of white with a tobacco coloured shoe and a strong pop of Vermillion to complete the outfit.

Everything about the way I dress is about subtle contrast. 

A mini shirtdress is sexy because it shows off lots of leg. I kept it from looking too over-the-top and age appropriate by doing the buttons up all of the way to the collar. I opted for a créme oversized blazer to make the mini dress more sophisticated while still keeping the look modern because I'm playing with the oversized silhouette. The créme colour also diminishes the whole antiquated rule of white after Labour Day because it allows the outfit to be more autumnal by playing off warmer tones. For example, if I was wearing pure white, the overall vibe would have been more summery don't you think? The créme shade also allows my outfit to transition into a tobacco coloured shoe more seamlessly. Black would have worked as well but I really wanted my outfit to be about warmth and not stark contrast. This is where the subtly of playing with colours is key.

Now picture my outfit without the Vermillion coloured bag for a second. It would still work on its own. Now add the bag back and all of a sudden you have that pop of boldness that I was talking about in the beginning. It's all about that subtle juxtaposition between something neutral and something bold that I'm always drawn to. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood eyeshadow palette and Nars Powermatte liquid lipstick_9108.jpg
Why White after Labour Day works_9083.jpg

The Key to Wearing White in the Fall

If you're like me and you're a fan of wearing white in the fall, but you're hesitant, don't worry because it's actually easier than you think. Just keep autumnal textures in mind when getting dressed - cashmere, tweed, denim, basically any cozy texture that you'd wear in the fall goes. Linens, poplins and seersuckers wouldn't work because they're synonymous with summer. I'm a strong believer in wearing whatever you want, at any given time of the year but it's about how you pair it that makes the difference. It's like old design rule - you have to know the rules to break the rules. 

Here's another quick example. I did a post back in 2014 wearing a créme coloured Acne skirt with a white Acne knit. The skirt was from the summer collection but that didn't stop me from wearing a piece I loved for fall. I paired it with a black leather jacket, for that bold graphic element that I love so much, and accessorized with my whimsical Comme Des Garcons sneakers. Again the accessories play in important part in breaking up my outfit and keeping it from being too serious. 

Personalized eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Thanks Charlotte!!

Personalized eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Thanks Charlotte!!

You Do You

It's so funny how in the beginning of WoahStyle people felt like they had my style pegged. I definitely felt like I was going through a more of a graphic stage at the time while these days I'm embracing neutrals a bit more. The fundamentals of my personal style have remained the same, and they probably always will. 

Fall 2017 Accessories - Celine Vermillion nano luggage bag and tobacco colored Prada mules _9128.jpg

What's in my Céline bag

What's in my Celine Nano Luggage Bag top.jpg

I recently bought myself a new bag - a Céline nano luggage in the colour Vermillion. 

Two things you should know right off the bat. First, I've always wanted a Céline luggage bag. In fact, I wanted one so bad that I got my Saint Laurent nano Sac De Jour in hopes to curb my need for the Céline. Why didn't I just get it to begin with? Who knows. Second, I've been wanted a red bag for a long time now. But not just any red. It had to be a happy bright-orange shade. Vermillion if you will. 

So this bag gets posted on Love That Bag earlier this summer but I kept holding off. You see, as much as I love having nice handbags, I'm actually pretty careful about what I buy. Mainly because I have an insane shoe obsession but that's a topic for another day. As you can see, I finally bite the bullet and decide to buy it. There's just something so special about this colour that is so magical to me and it makes me insanely happy. Just peek inside my bag and you can see how much I love red.  

I got my bag last week and I haven't stopped wearing it since. The leather is soft and buttery but it doesn't scuff easily. It's so much more comfortable to wear than my Saint Laurent nano bag and it fits a surprising amount of stuff in it. I'm pretty confident that I won't get tired of this bag anytime soon. Considering it was on my wishlist for so many years now I know it was a solid buy. Also, my small leather goods fit beautifully in my new Céline luggage. ;)

What's in my Celine Nano Luggage Bag_9151.jpg
If you haven't heard of Love That Bag then you might be a new reader to my blog (oh hi and welcome!) because I've blogged about them lots in the past. LTB is an online consignment shop based out of Montreal, Canada. They specialize in luxury bags and pride themselves in selling authentic bags in excellent condition. I bought my Chanel patent leather Jumbo Flap bag from them last year and I couldn't have had a better experience.
What's in my Celine Nano Luggage Bag_9166.jpg
I love small leather goods for keeping my life organized. In my bag you can find my small LV agenda, Chanel card holder, Tumi makeup bag and my iPhone, which is always dressed in a Felony Case. This is one is real marble!

I don't actually have a proper wallet. I toggle between my Chanel cardholder and my Louis Vuitton agenda which has compartments for cards. For tiny bags, I love using a card holder because it keeps my essentials in one place. Before I got it, I used to just throw my license and credit cards into my bag and let them float around. I'm lucky I never lost anything this way because it would have been easy to drop my ID on the floor without noticing if I was pulling out something else. 

My LV agenda is my life line. I bought it in the small size because I wanted it to fit into my small bags. It keeps my schedule, my banking cards and license. While it's not the easiest to write on the small pages, I do love it for what it is, a chic and convenient accessory for keeping my life organized. It has extra compartments to stash my receipts and business cards which is great. 

A small leather bag to hold makeup is a must. I got this one from Tumi on sale year for about $30 at Toronto Premium Outlets. It fits inside my Céline bag perfect and holds all of my makeup essentials - oh you know, four or five lipsticks as per usual, a compact, hand cream, powder and a small powder brush, all which are oddly absent from my bag at the moment. Hmm...

That's pretty much it! The makeup I carry with me can change on any given day and sometimes I'll carry a small travel sized perfume if I have an event but my accessories usually stay the same. It's about staying organized so I don't loose anything or have to go digging deep into my bag to find lip balm for my debit card. That was the old me and trust me, I never want to be that messy again!

What's in my Celine Nano Luggage Bag_9156.jpg
how much can fit in a céline nano luggage bag.jpg

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


4 Beautiful & Unique Fall Fragrances

4 Beautiful & Unique Fall Fragrances - Le Labo, Kiehl's, Tom Ford Santal Blush and Fresh Cannabis Santal - WOAHSTYLE.COM_9043.jpg

With fall just around the corner and I've already started to transition my perfumes. For the cooler weather I favour warmer scents with lots of depth and complexity in comparison to the lighter notes I wear in the summer. 

Full disclosure, I went on a bit of a perfume binge recently and picked up a couple of new scents to add to my personal collection. Tom Ford's Santal Blush is new to me and as soon as I smelled it I was whisked away to away place of simple luxury and happiness. Another new one in my collection is actually an old classic that I'd forgotten about until now - Kiehl's Original Musk. I remember being 26 when I first discovered this scent and I was blown away by the unique and intoxicating perfume even back then. I'm not quite sure what I ever stopped using it but I'm glad it's back in my life. 

From vanilla notes to plenty of sandalwood, these are my five favourite scents for fall. 


Shop The Post

4 Beautiful & Unique Fall Fragrances - Le Labo, Kiehl's, Tom Ford Santal Blush and Fresh Cannabis Santal - WOAHSTYLE.COM_9033.jpg
4 Beautiful & Unique Fall Fragrances - Le Labo, Kiehl's, Tom Ford Santal Blush and Fresh Cannabis Santal - WOAHSTYLE.COM_9035.jpg



tom ford santal blush.jpg

Tom Ford Santal Blush

This is the third Tom Ford scent to add to my collection and for good reason. It's sexy, mysterious and warm- like you're ready for fall and all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a cashmere blanket and never leave bed. It's woodsy, with sandalwood notes and floral tones that will have you getting compliments everywhere you go.


Kiehl's Original Musk

Like I said in the intro, I fell in love with this perfume about a decade ago. I think at the time it was probably a bit too sophisticated for my liking because I ended up switching over to Marc Jacob's Daisy - another favourite of mine to this day. Anyway, I'm glad to have rediscovered Kiehl's Original Musk just in time for fall. It's a floral woody musk with notes of orange blossom, bergamot, neroli, rose and patchouli. Best of all, this truly unique scent is unisex and the most affordable on this list at $57 (CND).

Keihl's original Musk.jpg


Fresh Cannabis Santal

This perfume comes recommended from one of my PR contacts who told me it was her personal favourite scent. I picked it up at the Fresh store in NYC when I visited this spring and I've been using it non-stop since. Another sensual woodsy scent, this one has is intended for men but it's lovely on women. It has notes of dark plum, patchouli, magnolia, chocolate, vetiver and vanilla musk. I also have this scent in a candle and keep it in my living room for a unique experience.

Fresh Cannabis Santal.png


Le Labo Thé Noir 29

The brand actually surprised me with this beautiful scent in December of 2015. I had been away on a trip the Banff when I came home to a little brown box with a small perfume bottle containing my name and the date it was made on. I kid you not, every single time I wear this scent I get loads of compliments. It's the longest lasting scent I have a little goes a long way. Again, I've the bottle since 2015 and it looks like it's barely used. Thé Noir 29 is inspired by black tea and has notes of black pepper, amber and black rose. 

le labo the noir 29.jpg

4 Beautiful & Unique Fall Fragrances - Le Labo, Kiehl's, Tom Ford Santal Blush and Fresh Cannabis Santal - pinterest.jpg

Tom Ford scent was gifted by Nordstrom Canada.
Thé Noir 29 was gifted by Le Labo. All opinions are my own.


The Return of Thin Brows

For those of us who haven't been able to grow those thick luscious Cara Delevingne brows because we just happen to be naturally predisposed to thin arches or because we just foolishly over tweezed in the 90s (and can't seem to grow them back for the life of us), rejoice, because thin brows are back with a vengeance. I'm calling it now. Just look at my favourite Hadid sister, Bella, who's look screams 90s supermodel and rocks her thin brows like nobody's business. Then there's Girlboss Sophia Amoruso who's thin brows frame her face beautifully.

After a painstaking two years of desperately trying to grow back my own over-tweezed brows, I finally gave up after a chat with Maddox, Benefit's Senior National Educator and eyebrow expert. I asked, umm, more like begged him for some brow advice and he simply told me to tweeze them back a touch because they were too thick for my face. That night, I took out the tweezers. Omitting a few hairs here and there helped a lot.

I wouldn't exactly qualify my brows as thin, but they are compared to the likes of Cara and all of those bold Instagram brows we see everywhere. The thing is, thinner brows suit my face and frame my eyes better. I even noticed my mom rocking a thinner brow lately and you know what, she instantly looked a few years younger. 



If you're not sure about what brow shape suits your face, just visit a professional and have a chat about what results you're looking to get. Benefit has amazing brow experts at Sephora stores across the nation.