Rockstar Status with DIORCLUB2

Dior Club2 sunglasses, J'ADIOR visor, knits in the summer, CHANEL logo heel black patent leather boots, CHANEL jumbo flap bag, SS18, Levi's cutoffs - - nathalie martin16.jpg

Is there anything better than a killer pair of sunglasses to elevate an outfit? Well, probably but let's pretend for a second that's all that matters.

Dior's latest style, called DIORCLUB2, will make you reach rockstar status instantly. The rectangular-shaped sunnies feature a super rad visor that reads J'ADIOR in bold white caps. It is removable if you choose to go for a more traditional look, but seriously, why would you? 

Dior Club2 sunglasses, J'ADIOR visor, knits in the summer, CHANEL logo heel black patent leather boots, CHANEL jumbo flap bag, SS18, Levi's cutoffs - - nathalie martin.JPG
Dior Club2 sunglasses, J'ADIOR visor, knits in the summer, CHANEL logo heel black patent leather boots, CHANEL jumbo flap bag, SS18, Levi's cutoffs - - nathalie martin 9.jpg
Dior Club2 sunglasses, J'ADIOR visor, knits in the summer, CHANEL logo heel black patent leather boots, CHANEL jumbo flap bag, SS18, Levi's cutoffs - - nathalie martin 13.jpg

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE

Snapseed 8.jpg

Summer is pretty much here and we’re all living for it, except me. Sunny skies and 35 degrees of sweltering heat. Do you know what that does to a girl’s hair when she’s rushing around the city going from meeting to meeting? Mayhem. Hair mayhem!

The reality is, I love fall. I love the cool air, the layered fashion and the humidity-free weather. Most of all, I really like that I don’t have to worry about my hair flaring up into a frizz ball that resembles a lions mane.

Snapseed 10.jpg

Summer for me has always meant big, unmanageable, frizzy hair and I’ve always felt too deterred to even deal with it, so it was always tied back in a ponytail.

My pony had so many frizzy fly-aways coming out of every which direction that I should have just gotten myself a hat! LOL! Childhood can be cruel, that I’m sure we can all agree on, and I for one have spent a good chunk of my adulthood trying to figure out how to deal with the hair I was given.

Conditioner is the biggest key player in getting it looking smooth and healthy in the summer months. It’s the best way of fighting humidity, keeping away frizz and holding onto my hairstyle! Without it, my waves fall out and my hair puffs up like a lion’s mane! Remember those before and after pics from my last PANTENE post? ;)

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - 11.jpg

Before I made the switch to PANTENE I was going back and forth between some high-end designer stuff and another drugstore brand. My job as a fashion and beauty blogger means that I’m constantly testing out new products for you guys so I can give you my honest review.

My hair completely transformed as soon as I started using PANTENE’s Smooth & Sleek Conditioner. It’s way more manageable now and can withhold even the hottest of summer days in the city. I have to admit that one of the coolest outcomes from using PANTENE these last few months has to be that my hair is much stronger and healthier now!

If you want to read about how I style my hair, keep reading below.

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - woahstyle.com_7102 2.jpg

How I Style My Hair for Soft Waves


The foundation of all good hair days starts in the shower. I use PANTENE’s Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner collection to bring out my natural waves and keep the frizz away. PANTENE’s conditioners are all formulated to protect and strengthen hair, and they have over a dozen different ones to suit all hair types, so be sure to get the right formula for you.


Right out of the shower I use their combing crème in my damp hair before running a wide-tooth comb through it. The product allows the comb to glide through wet hair, minimizing any breakage.


I air dry when I can but if not, I set the blow dryer to medium heat and always use a heat protector.


Now that my hair is dry, I divide my hair into four sections. I work through each one by taking a small 1-inch piece at a time and glide my flat iron down my hair, twisting my wrist mid-way to create a soft curl.


As I work my way through each section of my hair, I set the curls with PANTENE’S Airspray, an alcohol-free aerosol hairspray with flexible hold. I love this one because it doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy and doesn’t have that alcohol scent that a lot of hairsprays have!


Once I’m done my whole head and the hairspray is set, I take a hairbrush and gently brush my hair, converting all of those curls into soft waves.    

That’s it!

Frizz-Free Summer Hair feat. PANTENE - 7.jpg
BONUS STYLE TRICK: At night I put my hair into a super high ponytail, right on the top of head, and I sleep on a silk pillow case. I find doing this doesn’t flatten my curls at all. In the morning, I just let it out, give it a quick brush and I’m ready.

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Pantene. All photos and opinions are my own.

My Thoughts on Style & Age 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 11.jpg


Now that I'm in my thirties I've come to terms with the fact that there are some pieces in my wardrobe that now qualify as inappropriate for my age.  Goodbye short shorts and very tiny mini-skirts. R.I.P, I'll miss you. 

One's age doesn't necessarily mean that it's mandatory have to purge the fun clothes and swap them for boring conservative pieces, but it doesn't hurt to do a little closet assessment either. If you're not feeling it, get rid of it and introduce some timeless pieces. 

I'm all for having fun with fashion and I look forward to the day when I can finally turn into that eccentric person that I've always aspired to be (I'm looking at you Diane Keaton and Iris Apfel, my style queens). I just don't think I'll be doing it in a short tight dress. 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 9.jpg 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 10.jpg 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 12.jpg 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 13.jpg 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 8.jpg 2018 - zara linen trench coat, free people cut off shorts, converse one stars, loewe striped small hammock bag, white button up shirt - toronto street style - hotel x - nathalie martin 7.jpg

The Incredibly Versatile CHANEL Beauty Cruise Collection 2018

CHANEL beauty Cruise 2018 makeup - 7.jpg

Summer is all about that radiant glowing skin but how many of us are actually willing to change up our makeup each season? You know who you are - busy, with a mile long to-do list with no end in sight. Trying a new look feels daunting, impossible even, but CHANEL’S 2018 Cruise Collection makes it oh-so-easy for us all.

Inspired by the reflections of water, the limited edition 14-piece collection, takes your everyday makeup to another level. The best part is that you don’t even have to try some crazy new technique to get your glow on.

The collection is all about sheer washes of shimmery colour on the face, chic pastels on the nails, and a sun-kissed complexion that’s easy to obtain with L’EAU TAN, a new summer essential in self-tanning that comes in the form of a refreshing body mist that contains a small percentage of DHA and leaves a light invigorating scent.

From office wear to weekend makeup at the cottage, the 2018 Cruise Collection is incredibly versatile and one you’ll want to add to your makeup bag this season. 

The collection is in stores now at and CHANEL beauty counters. 

CHANEL beauty Cruise 2018 makeup - 8.jpg

CHANEL 2018 Cruise Collection

STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF #887 CHARME, satin brown-aubergine shade, perfect for a more natural look.

LES 4 OMBRES, ÉCLAT ÉNIGMATIQUE, this palette contains four modern takes on Summer colour: a satin ivory; a concrete grey; a brick red and a bronze brown.

“The colours in Éclat Énigmatique eyeshadow palette are made of a more transparent texture so even if you have a red, bronze, grey and pearlescent gold colours, when you apply them they have a very transparent texture so you have this hint of glamour.” 
-Lucia Picca

The travel-friendly compact features a trio of sheer, dewy textures, perfect for applying with fingers. PALETTE ESSENTIELLE ÉTÉ #190, ÉCLAT SOLAIRE, a beige-caramel highlighter, a gold highlighter and a blush in raspberry red.

CHANEL beauty Cruise 2018 makeup - 7 copy.jpg

"Nails take a sophisticated hue this summer. Subtle but never predictable, the trio of new shades represent opportunity  to explore something new." LE VERNIS LONGUE TENUE, #608 LÉGÉRETÉ (green khaki), #610 HALO (milky pink), #612 CHICNESS (mauvy deep burgundy).  

CHANEL gives us the sheerest, carefree colour this summer that feels beautifully hydrating, almost like a balm. LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR, #17 A LA ROSÉE (milky pink), #19 AU NATUREL (ultimate rosy caramel nude).

CHANEL beauty Cruise 2018 makeup - 6.jpg

Summer Scents

I change my scent daily according to mood and have found that all of my CHANEL favourites transition well into summer. If you're looking for a light mist of scent - try out the new N°5 L'EAU All-Over Spray, which can be used on the body and hair. 

For a summer glow - try the new L’EAU TAN which is subtly self-tans the skin and leaves a delicate scent.

"It gives you a very light tan, it's almost like what you'd get at the beginning of the summer. The colour you get on your skin is quite golden but very transparent, and it's got a beautiful cologne perfume in it so it feels fresh."
-Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer
CHANEL beauty Cruise 2018 makeup - 5.jpg

VIDEO: VLOG 1 | Balenciaga, CHANEL Beauty, Fresh Beauty, Loewe & HOTEL X Toronto

I've been blogging for about four years now ( and honestly, I need to mix things up a bit to keep it fresh. I figure YouTube is a great platform for that so I'm starting a vlog series so you can get to know me better and see what I get up to as a freelance blogger.

Hope you enjoy the video! 

xx, Nathalie

Wardrobe Refresh + 5 Items to Buy for SS18 feat. NORDSTROM

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 13.jpg

AG Jeans in the Harper cut (on sale in Nordstrom stores)
Vince Emberly Mule
Madewell Denim Jacket (size large for that oversized fit)
White t-shirt (similar here)

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 8.jpg

Do you guys ever have that feeling that your wardrobe needs a little refresh? Ya, me too and I’m totally going through that right now.

My wardrobe has been feeling a little stale recently and after countless hours of perusing Pinterest, I felt like the universe was trying to tell me something – get yourself some new clothes woman!

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 11.jpg

I took an afternoon to purge anything that I don’t use anything – handbags, shoes, clothes, jeans that no longer fit. Come on, who else does this hoping they'll fit again one day? 

After dropping everything off at my local consignment shop, I drove over to Nordstrom for their 'Half Yearly Sale'.

There were certain key pieces I’d be on the lookout for – a black shoe, some straight cut denim, and maybe a new jacket?? I didn’t want to stick too closely to a list because I really believe in leaving room for the element of surprise. Nothing gets my heart going like finding that perfect piece on a total whim.

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 12.jpg

I was keen on refreshing my wardrobe with some new cuts. My personal style remains the same and I still all about that whole edgy chic/retro aesthetic that I’ve always loved. I’m just a bit tired of the ankle-hugging skinny jeans and flat shoes at the moment so it was time to change it up. 

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 7.jpg

I immediately found these amazing black suede mules from Vince. I have a similar pair in camel and every time I wear them I get loads of compliments. They're also really comfortable and don't need any breaking in.

I went for some good ol’ classic denim pieces and found not one, but two pairs of straight cut jeans I’d been after. I also couldn't resist this oversized denim jacket from Madewell. I got mine in a size large and what I like about the oversized fit is how it can be worn a few different ways. 

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 5.jpg

You'll notice in some of the photos I buttoned up the last three buttons from the bottom and wore it off the shoulder with a white tee underneath. For the other denim on denim look, I just went for the over-the-shoulder-tried-tested-and-true. 

What I like about the oversized fit of the jacket is how it creates movement and visual interest to an otherwise simple outfit. 

STYLE TIP: Denim on denim or anything monochrome is a simple way of looking put together. It's impactful, chic, and works for everyone!

I’m really happy with the starting phase of my wardrobe refresh and I’ll be looking at adding a few more key pieces as the Nordstrom 'Half Yearly Sale' continues. Full disclosure, I went back the next day for some fuchsia pink trousers and a checkered blazer. Now we’re talking!

Wardrobe refresh 2018 with Nordstrom - 6.jpg




Any wash will do but there’s something about medium or light wash straight cut jeans that just work!



Still loving these. I updated my wardrobe with a linen one I can’t wait to show you.



Comfy and chic. Enough said.



Go for an entire outfit with dots. Break it up and add drama with small and large scale pattern. So, so, so chic!



Red and pink, mustard and brown, purple and blue. Do it, try it. Whatever floats your fancy. It’s an easy way to add drama to your wardrobe this spring.

SHOP THE NORDSTROM HALF-YEARLY SALE IN STORE ACROSS CANADA in store and online. Store locations: VancouverTorontoCalgary, and Ottawa.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by ShopStyle and Nordstrom. All photos and opinions are my own.

VIDEO: $1,500 Designer Shopping Haul + My Ultimate Shopping Tips

You guys asked for and now I'm dishing, where do I shop and how do I find so many amazing shoes on sale? Well, I put together my top five sale shopping tips for you guys along with my latest shopping haul! 

I spent just under $1,500 and bought four pairs of designer shoes (two pairs of Saint Laurent boots, Loewe, and Isabel Marant). I also updated my clothes and picked up four tops that will work well into summer as well as other seasons depending on how they're styled. 

Make sure you press play, give my video a like if you agree with my shopping tips, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so I know you guys want me to keep making more videos like this.


I'M WEARING: Frank & Eileen carbon heart sweatshirt, Rag & Bone zippered moto jeans (I don't think they make this style anymore), Isabel Marant t-shirt at the end of the video. Necklaces from Medallion necklace by Jenny Bird.



☆ Saint Laurent Cowboy boots ☆ Saint Laurent Rock Star 40 cowboy boots (I called it the Wyatt boot in the video but it's the Rock Star. I just checked the box.) ☆ Loewe velvet & patent leather Chelsea boot ☆ Isabel Marant Ansel metallic leather silver sandals ☆ Alexander Wang Denim vest from Winners ☆ Uniqlo denim jacket, men's, size XS ☆ Uniqlo striped Mickey Mouse t-shirt, men's, size XS ☆ Free People embroidered top 


(for luxury shopping and heck, just shopping in general)

1. BUY WHAT YOU LOVE: If you love it, chances are you're going to have it in your closet for a long time.

2. KNOW YOURSELF: Shop for yourself and what makes you feel your most confident and happy self.

3. BE TREND AWARE: Trends come and go and that can get expensive real fast. Instead, build a closet full of classic pieces and add on the pieces that you love along the way. 

4. MAKE SURE IT FITS: Clothing items can be altered but take it from me, ill-fitting shoes will always be ill-fitting. Be wary of super high heels or uncomfortable styles you can't walk in.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Take advantage of sales. Know when sale season starts and shop then. Don't be afraid to shop out of season styles - for example, if you find a winter coat in the summer at a heavily discounted price. It's better it sits in your closet for a few months versus paying the full price later down the road, don't you think?

Denim Days - Denim Days - Frank and Eileen vintage wash denim shirt and Zara boyfriend jeans.JPG

I live for denim and I haven't been able to get myself out of these Zara boyfriend jeans since I got them. I've been wearing them with everything from t-shirts to oversized jackets, but my favourite combo has to be the Canadian tuxedo. I got this amazing vintage wash button down denim shirt from the good folks at Frank & Eileen. Here, I'm wearing the Barry fit - it's relaxed, and slightly oversized and longer at the back, making it the ultimate denim top for spring/summer. (Expect to see lots of it.)

BTW - I'll be catching up with my #365 series now that I'm back from Iceland. Look for updates starting this weekend! - Denim Days - Frank and Eileen vintage wash denim shirt and Zara boyfriend jeans and Isabel Marant sandals.jpg

I'm Wearing:
Frank & Eileen Barry Vintage Wash shirt
Zara boyfriend jeans
Lisbeth x Brunette The Label gold Brunette necklace (here)
Isabel Marant Purple Metallic Gail Cholita Sandals (circa 2015)

VIDEO/HOW-TO: Fadeproof + Smudge-proof eyeliner

I know a lot of women who say they prefer using a liquid eyeliner to a pencil liner because they believe it fades and smudges throughout the day. After taking Makeup by Mario's Masterclass last year, I learned it's misconception and it's all in the application process.

To get your pencil eyeliner to last all day, the secret is in the layering technique and using eyeshadow to lock it into place. I also love the finished look because it's softer than a traditional liquid liner. 

I hope you guys will enjoy this mini makeup how to!


URBAN DECAY Naked Ultimate Basics Palette
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner
M.A.C Pro Longwear Fluidline
MAYBELLINE Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara
SEPHORA COLLECTION x Utowa PRO Universal Curler


FRANK & EILEEN Distressed Vintage Wash

3 Incredible All-Natural Face Masks Your Skin Will Love

3 Incredible All-Natural Face Masks Your Skin Will Love - 6.jpg

They say thirty is the new twenty and I’m all for it. I personally have never felt better than I do now, but I am noticing changes in my skin that have kinda bum me out. From texture to dullness and uneven skin tone, these are things that make me wish my skin was twenty-five again. My medicine cabinet is equipped with an arsenal of skincare products to help combat my biggest skin nuisance, texture. If I don’t exfoliate often texture comes creeping back into my life and makes me want to hide in bed forever. From drugstore to luxe, below are three awesome hard-working, yet gentle, all-natural masks that will make your skin glowing like your twenty again.


DHE Mask, Consonant Skincare

This incredible all natural mineral-rich mask detoxes and nourishes skin. The Toronto based skincare company uses willow bark, tea tree extract, and Manicouagan Clay that’s been extracted from 215 million year asteroid crash to clarify the skin. It also contains the brands own HydrExtreme serum, grape seed, and olive oils to nourish and hydrate, while Alpha Hydroxy Acid fruit enzymes gently exfoliate, leaving skin fresh and radiant. At $45 for a 75ml tube for a quality all natural product, it’s good bang for your buck and a must-try for anyone who loves masking! (Pssst - the brand has a 30ml for $18 if you want to try it out.)


POLISH 2-in-1 Facial Scrub & Mask, Dr. Roebucks

Time-saving products are always winners in our books and this all-natural facial scrub and mask by Australian brand Dr. Roebucks, is both gentle and effective at keeping skin smooth. It contains biodegradable jojoba beads and Kaolin to remove dead skin and exfoliate. White tea protects skin from harmful bacteria and is used as an anti-acne treatment. Acne or not, this product is suitable for all skin types. 


RESURFACING Mask, Tata Harper

A bit on the pricer side and definitely splurge at $78 for 30ml, I love Tata Harper nonetheless for her quality skincare products. Plus I had a chance to meet and shop with her and she’s such a cool down to earth person! This mask has been branded ‘Best of Beauty’ by Allure Magazine in 2017 and with reason. It’s all 100% all natural and non-toxic and suitable for all skin types. This mask will leave your skin feeling fresh and new, getting rid of dullness, uneven skin tone and texture, roughness, and refines pores. It’s formulated with naturally sourced BHA, antioxidant-rich beet extract, and willow bark and meadowsweet, two natural sources of salicylic acid to smooth and refine the skin.

3 Incredible All-Natural Face Masks Your Skin Will Love - 5.jpg
Use a soft organic cotton washcloth to remove your mask and gently buff the skin. Make sure it’s damp and focus on any areas that need more love where dead skin cells have accumulated.