CHANEL Gives Us 3 New Ways to Experience Chance Perfume

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When you meet someone for the first time there’s a bunch of criteria you use to judge them. Let’s be very real, scent is one of them. And if you smell amazing, that’s a plus.

If you’ve never tried CHANEL’S line of perfumes, there’s no better time to try them. This year the brand has released a variety of new ways to wear their gorgeous fragrances, depending on the moment of the day and your mood.


CHANEL Chance Body Oils and Fragrance Cushion Compact - woahstyle.com_7881 bw.jpg
Chanel Beauty - Chanel perfume and eyeshadow palette spring summer 2018 - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7397.gif


For the first time, CHANEL introduces a fragrance cushion.  Elegant and sensual, and available in a limited edition, CHANCE EAU TENDRE Delicate Fragrance Touch-Up is an invitation to apply fragrance confidentially, discreetly and precisely, at any moment. 

CHANEL Chance Body Oils and Fragrance Cushion Compact - woahstyle.com_7856.jpg

For self-care: CHANCE BODY OILS

Available in a limited edition, CHANCE dry body oils are instantly absorbed. Lightweight and ultra- sensorial, they leave the skin silky, while prolonging and intensifying the trail of the fragrance. 

CHANEL Chance Body Oils and Fragrance Cushion Compact - woahstyle.com_7811.jpg


An energizing creation filled with vitality, CHANCE EAU VIVE now comes in a Twist and Spray format, perfect to keep in your purse, within hand’s reach, or to take with you on the go.

CHANEL Chance Body Oils and Fragrance Cushion Compact - woahstyle.com_7869.jpg

Ever have a stranger stop you and ask what perfume you’re wearing? Prepare to when you wear one of these stunning scents.


NARS makes finding the right foundation shade a breeze!


Finding a good foundation is hard. Between narrowing down the formula and matching yourself to the right shade, foundation shopping is exhausting, to say the least. Luckily, NARS has just released their Radiant Longer Foundation that comes in 33 shades to help you look like your best, flawless self.

Fans of the iconic Radiant Creamy Concealer are sure to love it. It’s medium-to-full coverage, buildable, and fade resistant with 16-hour wear. It conceals imperfections such as hyperpigmentation and redness like a dream. Best applied with a damp sponge, the Radiant Longwear Foundation also looks great when applied with a foundation brush using a stippling motion.

It looks beautifully on its own, but I like to add a little bit of M.A.C's Strobe Cream to mine for a luminous finish. (Read more on my fail-proof foundation beauty tip here.)


NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation Review and swatches - full collection- woahstyle.com_7636.jpg

NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation comes in 33 shades and retails for $60 (Canadian). It's now available at major retailers where NARS is sold - Sephora,, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, Murale, and Shoppers Drug Mart.


NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation Review and swatches - full collection- -07326.jpg

Formulated to improve skin hour by hour with skin optimizing complex - a blend of raspberry, apple, and watermelon extracts that help support elastic fibers to smooth and improve skin texture - while specialized pigments recognize and fuse with your skin for your closest match yet. 




Find The Right NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation for You, 33 shades available

Mali (espresso)
Zambie (deep with neutral undertone)
Namibia (deep with red undertone)
Iguaçu (deep with olive undertone)
New Caledonia (deep with olive undertone)
Manaus (dark with caramel undertone)
Marquises (medium-dark to dark with yellow undertones)
Macao (medium-dark with yellow undertones)
Belem (medium-dark with red and brown undertones)
Caracas (medium-dark with warm red and golden undertones)
Cadiz (medium-dark with caramel and red undertones)
Huahine (medium-dark with peach undertones)
Moorea (medium-dark with golden olive undertones)
Tahoe (medium-dark with caramel undertones)
Syracuse (medium-dark with brown undertones)
Aruba (neutral for medium-to-medium dark complexions)
Valencia (medium with golden undertones)
Barcelona (medium with golden, peachy undertones)
Vanuatu (medium with a neutral balance of yellow and pink undertones)a
Stromboli (medium with olive undertones)
Sahel (medium with golden peach undertones)
Santa Fe (medium with peachy undertones)
Vallauris (medium with pink undertones)
Patagonia (medium with light peach undertones)
Punjab (medium with golden, peachy undertones)
Fiji (yellow undertones for light to medium complexions)
Vienna (peach undertones for light to medium complexions)
Deauville (light with neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones)
Salzburg (light with golden undertones)
Gobi (light with yellow undertones)
Yukon (light with peach undertones)
Mont Blanc (light with pink undertones)
Oslo (far with pink undertones)

NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation Review and swatches - full collection- -07335.jpg

NARS Adds 6 New Shades To Their Radiant Creamy Concealer Collection

If you're in between shades and happen to love the iconic Radiant Creamy Concealer formula, fret not because the brand has just released six new shades:

Café Con Leche (light with yellow undertones)
Marron Glacé (light yellow for light to medium complexions)
Tiramisu (medium with pink undertones)
Sucre D'Orge (medium dark with yellow undertones)
Walnut (medium dark with golden undertones)
Truffle (medium dark with golden red undertones)


Disclosure: Products featured in this story were provided as PR samples. All images, photography, artwork, and opinions are my own, with exception of the NARS logo. 

New Beauty You Need To Check Out (from designer to drugstore)

Best of New Beauty from Luxe to Drugstore - Chanel, Nest Fragrances, Dior Makeup, YSL Beauty, Gilette Venus Metal Razor - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7351.jpg

The beauty industry is always sending cool new shit our way but it’s hard to miss if you’re not regularly reading the latest beauty publications. In this series, I wanted to share some cool new beauty with you guys - from the first Gillette metal razor made for women (finally!) to Chanel’s first ever cushion fragrance compact.

Best of New Beauty from Luxe to Drugstore - Chanel, Nest Fragrances, Dior Makeup, YSL Beauty, Gilette Venus Metal Razor - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7388.jpg

At Home Manicures That Last

In a world where women would much rather go to the salon to get their nails did, I'm still very much a DIY type of girl. I figure if I'm saving on the manicures, I can splurge on designer nail polish and Chanel just happens to make some of my favourites. Not only is the iconic bottle beautiful to display, but the limited edition shades from their SS18 Neapolis New City Collection still get me weak in the knees.

Chanel polishes perform well without a base or top coat, but to minimize chips and extend my home manicure to a week, I opt for Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coats. True story: I was on a trip recently and everyone was asking where I get my nails done. Hah!

Best of New Beauty from Luxe to Drugstore - Chanel, Nest Fragrances, Dior Makeup, YSL Beauty, Gilette Venus Metal Razor - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7363.jpg

Little Things Come in Chic Packages

Glittery, candy-coloured razors for women are a thing of the past my friends and Gillette Venus has just released one with a metal handle for women. Come to think of it, why did it take so long? The metal handle looks so much nicer in our bathrooms and the weight of the handle gives us a more comfortable grip, therefore a smoother shaving experience.


New York-based Nest Fragrances has just released their Wisteria Blue perfume. The owner was inspired to create the scent after a visit to Charleston, South Carolina's historic district and then took the idea to a legendary perfumer who was able to bring her vision to life. Available in a 50ml spray bottle and an 8ml rollerball the scent is light and floral and perfect for spring.

Wisteria Blue: Delicate notes of French wisteria are blended with the essence of Bulgarian rose, Imperial jasmine, and fresh watery nuances. 

Chanel Beauty - Chanel perfume and eyeshadow palette spring summer 2018 - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7397.gif

It's CHANEL, Baby!

One of the coolest things I've seen this year is so simple, it's actually mind-blowing. The fragrance cushion compact from Chanel Beauty is the first of it's kind for the brand. Available in a limited edition, Chance Eau Tendre Delicate Fragrance Touch-Up, the compact is ideal for the woman on the go. I took it with me on my recent travels and really enjoyed how delicate the scent is. Bonus, no spills thanks to the cushion. The compact comes with a handy mirror, convenient for makeup touch-ups, making it the ideal travel buddy.

If you love eyeshadow palettes, you'll want to check out Les 9 Ombres, also from Chanel. The limited edition compact comes with nine shades, from matte browns to satin blue-greens, and golden shimmer, perfect for creating day and night looks. In case you missed it, check out my Les 9 Ombres post here

YSL beauty liquid lip balms_7502.jpg

Liquid Lip Balms Are Hot For 2018

On my most recent PR trip with beauty editors from all over Canada, I noticed all of the girls had beautifully glossed lips. They looked healthier and happier thanks to the hint of colour paired with rosy cheeks and dewy skin. YSL Beauté drives the point further with their latest release, out next month, called the Volupté Liquid Colour Balm. Tinted, juicy, and long-lasting, these balms come in 16 beautiful shades that keep lips hydrated. View the review and full collection on

Best of New Beauty from Luxe to Drugstore - Chanel, Nest Fragrances, Dior Makeup, YSL Beauty, Gilette Venus Metal Razor - WOAHSTYLE.COM_7415.jpg

Disclosure: Some items in this story are PR samples.
All photos and opinions are my own.

SPONSORED: How to Combat Dry Winter Hair


Did you know that many women out there don’t use conditioner because they don’t think they need it? I know! My jaw dropped when I first heard this because I can’t live without conditioner.

Winter haircare is challenging enough as it is between static, dryness, and breakage. Add hats, scarves, and if you’re like me, tucking your hair into your coat to the mix, and that’s a heck of a lot of stress on our hair. Luckily, the solution is actually pretty simple and that includes using conditioner as a regular part of your haircare routine.

If you’re a newbie to conditioning your locks, you’ll notice the benefits right away – beautiful shiny hair, that’s hydrated with less breakage, and less frizz!

Knowing that, why would you want to skip this step?




Did you know that using conditioner cuts down on drying time?

I recently learned from Justin German, Pantene’s Consulting Stylist, that conditioner “helps release excess water, known as de-watering. This actually speeds up the drying process, and a shorter dry time equals less heat damage!”

Just another reason to condition your locks this winter!



6 Haircare Tips For Beautiful, Healthy, Shiny Hair This Winter

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner C06737.jpg

1. Treat Yourself to A Hair Mask!

Try hair masking once a week! This is actually super easy and any conditioner that’s suitable for your hair type will work. Before a shower, simply brush your hair and apply conditioner.

Start by applying the conditioner to the ends of your hair, working up to the roots.

Fun fact: Pantene features “smart technology” that micro-targets the damaged parts of your hair.

Any excess conditioning that your hair doesn’t need just rinses away so don’t be afraid of “over-conditioning”.

Turns out the whole “apply conditioner only to your ends” thing is a total myth.

Because even hair at the roots can be exposed to damage and stress from daily elements, you’ll definitely want to condition all over.

Be sure to use a conditioner that targets your hair needs for the best results. For example, my hair tangles easily and the ends are dry, so I use Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle

Now let that conditioner sit for a couple of minutes and you’re ready, wash your hair as you normally would and then condition again in the shower! It might seem like a lot, but trust me, you’ll want to do this and the results are totally worth it.

You’ll notice how insanely soft your hair is after! Tangles will brush out so much easier now! If you’re prone to frizz, like me, you’ll notice smoother, more manageable hair.

How to Combat Dry Winter Hair with Pantene Conditioner06730.jpg

2.    Try A Moisturizing Shampoo

Because winter is so dry, and we’re dealing with dry winter air outdoors, and the extreme dryness from heaters indoors - our hair can go through a lot this time of year. Try a moisturizing shampoo to keep locks hydrated and and nourished. One of my go-tos is Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo because it strengthens and moisturizes hair and is formulated for everyday use!




Not all conditioners are created equal, but the key is to look for a formula that’s right for your hair type. Skipping conditioner all together isn’t the answer.

Make sure to use the collection that’s right for you. It’s a mistake women make all the time, and often they’re reaching for conditioners that are too rich for them. Then, they think they’re too rich so they stop using them, then their hair gets dry and brittle and starts to break and they go back to that rich conditioner and it’s a vicious cycle. Choosing the right product is so important.

- Justin German


How to Combat Dry Winter Hair with Pantene-3139.jpg

3.     Protect, Strengthen, And Hydrate with Conditioner

My hair is long, thick, frizz prone, and the ends get really dry this time of year. My go-to conditioner and haircare savior is the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Renewal daily conditioner. I love how easy it is to comb my hair right out of the shower, and how it detangles. It’s packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and the ingredients actually penetrate the hair to strength on the inside (not just the surface). My hair feels stronger, more manageable and I have less breakage now. Plus, my hair looks and feels hydrated and shiny.

If you have thin hair and are looking for volume, you’ll want to condition with a lightweight formula that won’t weigh hair down. Opt for a volumizing formula like Pantene’s Sheer Volume to get a full-body style that you’ll love. Remember, the key is about finding the right formula for you.

How to Combat Dry Winter Hair with Pantene Conditioner06707.jpg

4.    Use A Wet Hair Brush

Yes, wet hair brushes are a thing and if you don’t already know, there’s a whole industry out there dedicated to them.

When hair is wet it’s way more fragile than when it’s dry. With a wide-tooth comb, because  the space between the “teeth” of the comb is wider, it doesn’t pull and tug on hair (which can lead to breakage).

-       Justin German

You’ll want to use a brush designed for wet hair brushing to minimize breakage and frizz. My favourite personal is a wide tooth comb that I’ve had since childhood.

How to Combat Dry Winter Hair with Pantene Conditioner06715.jpg

5.   Always Use Heat Styling Protection

Did you know that common heat styling tools can actually melt metal? Considering the average styling tool can reach 450°F, it’s no wonder.

Heat damage from styling tools such as hair dryers and flat irons can leave hair vulnerable to breakage and split ends. Using a conditioner every time you wash is a great way to have built in protection, but if you’re heat styling your hair often, consider using a heat protector first, like Pantene’s Smooth Heat Protection Spray. It protects and shields hair from heat damage with the micropolymer packed formula.

Choose to blow dry over flat iron whenever you can. Blow dryers can reach 225°F while flat irons can heat up to 425°F so be sure to always keep that iron moving to avoid hot spots!

Finally, styling creams can also help smooths fly-aways and add a boost of shine to dry ends leaving hair soft, manageable, and healthy all winter long!

How to Combat Dry Winter Hair with Pantene Conditioner06728.jpg

6.     Air Dry

Put down the hair dryer and try air drying when you can to minimize the stress you put your hair through with heat damage.

Wash your hair in the evening and give it enough time to naturally dry before going to bed. Long-term, skipping the blow dryer will minimize split ends and breakage.

Also, invest in a good quality blow dryer that has good airflow to cut down on the drying time.



Beauty Bonus!

If you’re truly serious about getting your hair in shape this winter, invest in a silk pillowcase! Sleeping on a silk case is said to protect hair from breakage, and also helps fight the signs of aging on your face. Just make sure it’s one hundred percent, pure silk and not one of those polyester blend imposters.


Even if you don’t have time try out all of these steps, the easiest, and the best thing you can do is include conditioner as a part of your regular hair care routine. You’ll see the difference right away, and your hair will feel so good, that you won’t be able to stop running your fingers through it.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pantene. All photos and opinions are my own.


4 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Luxury Winter Retreat

I recently had a chance to write a piece for La-Z-Boy's home blog, The Comfortable House. The piece was a lot of fun to write and the topic was something that I had been wanting to tackle for quite some time.

In the post, I'm giving you some of my favourite tips on how to convert your home into a luxurious winter retreat. My tips are super easy and don't require a big budget. Best of all, it's the kind of mini-makeover you can give your home during the weekend!

If you want to learn more about how to convert your home into a luxurious space, be sure to check out my post here! I hope you can truly take some good decorating tips away from it!


*Images sourced from Pinterest. 

Does This Drugstore Makeup Really Last 25-Hours?!

Does This Drugstore makeup really last 25 hours - rimmel lasting finish breathable foundation, concealer and primer review - - canadian beauty blog by nathalie martin.jpg

Upon doing the write up for this blog post, I sat down with the press release, like I normally do, and I did a double take when I saw Rimmel's latest makeup claims to be 25-hour wear. 

I'm always hesitant when it comes to drugstore foundation and concealers because I'm on the yellow side, having olive skin tone. From my experience drugstore makeup tends to be a bit cooler and pink based but times-are-a-changing!

I found Rimmel's range from cool to warm tones to be pretty decent in this collection. As for fair to dark makeup - the darkest Rimmel goes is Mocha. I think a lot of drugstore brands still need to broaden their shade range in that regard.


Application & Wear Test

When it came to testing Rimmel's Lasting Finish Breathable Collection, I wanted to do it on a day where my skin was going to be exposed to as many elements as possible. I applied it late in the morning and then walked to the nearby shop to run errands.

That day it was cold and raining outdoors, but really dry and warm in the stores. By the time I walked back home, I was overheating in my parka and sweating.

My combination skin is on the drier side these days because I've been using a retinoid in my nightly skincare routine. I was hesitant about the foundation clinging to my dry spots, but it just smoothed over the areas and looked natural.

BTW - I skipped the Breathable Primer because I don't really use primer unless I have a special event. I applied the foundation with the doe foot applicator, which actually turned out to be awesome. I liked it much better than the pump foundations I'm used to. 

I found the foundation to be lightweight in texture. It smoothed over my skin nicely with my fingers. Again, this is part of my daily routine. I only use a sponge or brush if I have a special event. 

I wouldn't say it was medium coverage though as Rimmel states, but I read some reviews on Makeup Alley saying it's buildable. 

For reference, I used the shade 200 Soft Beige, which seemed comparable to my NARS foundation in Figi (a light-medium warm shade). 

Review- Rimmel's Lasting Finish Breathable Collection - 25 hour wear foundation, concealer, and breathable primer - - toronto beauty blog by nathalie martin_7335.jpg

Next the concealer. I used shade Light. I should mention here that I'm really, really snobby when it comes to concealer, and I don't like leaving visible dark spots and dark under eyes to chance, so I prefer the higher end stuff. Some of my favourites are NARS, Becca, M.A.C, and Laura Mercier.

I dotted the concealer and dabbed it with my fingers like I normally do. The only drugstore concealer I've ever liked and re-purchased is Maybelline's Fit Me concealer. I found Rimmel's Lasting Finish to be comparable, if not better, on my first impression. It's creamy and covers up nicely. I did have to go in with my NARS pot concealer in some areas, but I always layer my concealer.

I checked my makeup again at around 7 pm. The foundation seemed to be fading a bit but still looked pretty good, as did my blush. There was no patchiness, but there was a little bit of oxidization. I should have gone for a shade up with True Ivory. Keep this in mind when you shop for it.

The concealer had worn down a bit though. I had to reapply it and opted to use my trusty Tarte Shape Tape concealer instead to freshen up. People who need light-medium coverage will really dig Rimmel's Lasting Finish Concealer. I prefer medium-high coverage.

Review- Rimmel's Lasting Finish Breathable Collection - 25 hour wear foundation, concealer, and breathable primer - - toronto beauty blog by nathalie martin_7296.jpg

So, Is it Really 25-Hour Wear?

Let's be real. Makeup fades throughout the day and unless you're going to bed without washing your face, how are you going to know whether or not your makeup is 25-hour wear. Seriously? 

While I personally can't vouch for Rimmel's 25-hour claim, I can tell you this is a pretty good bottle foundation for $12. I've tried some designer foundations that cost over $60 that aren't nearly as good. Rimmel gives us a decent range of shades too and has cool and warm skin tones covered, from fair to medium-dark. Again, keep in mind it does oxidize so go a shade lighter.

As for the concealer, I love how it applied and covered up initially, but it did fade mid-day. Perhaps this was is best suited for those who need less coverage. 

Overall, this is a great little drugstore gem that's already a hit with lots of people boasting about it on Makeup Alley and is suitable for oily to dry skin.

Review- Rimmel's Lasting Finish Breathable Collection - 25 hour wear foundation, concealer, and breathable primer - - toronto beauty blog by nathalie martin_7277.jpg

Rimmel London's new Lasting Finish Breathable Collection consists of 15 shades of foundation ($11.99 each), 6 concealers ($10.99 each), and a Breathable Primer ($10.99). I'm not claiming it to be breathable, this is what the actual name of the product.

The foundation comes in a glass bottle and convenient doe-foot applicator that's really nice and convenient, especially when in a hurry. The concealer comes in a squeeze tube with a sponge tip applicator, while the primer comes in a squeeze tube.

Review- Rimmel's Lasting Finish Breathable Collection - 25 hour wear foundation, concealer, and breathable primer - - toronto beauty blog by nathalie martin_7266.jpg

Disclaimer: The products in this post are a PR sample. All photos and opinions in this post are 100% honest and my own. 

NARS New Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Is Like A Holographic Dream

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches - Sephora Exclusive - - toronto beauty blog - nathalie martin 2.jpg

NARS newest eyeshadow palette is limited edition and packed with holographic goodness. Danger Control is the name and if you wanna get your hands on it, best head to Sephora, where it's exclusive. 

The six holographic and shimmery shades deliver high-pigment with a velvety smooth finish that can be applied wet or dry. Smooth it over your eyes with a fluffy brush for a sheer wash, or go for the layered look to create a dramatic duo-chrome multidimensional effect. 


While all the shades in Danger Control share the same velvety smooth formula, I found Tonic (the shimmering lilac shade), to be the most delicate. There was a lot of powder and fall out just by dipping my finger into the pan to swatch it. I didn't experience this with the other shades. Tonic was definitely the softest of all of the shades and felt more textured due to the shimmer particles.

GIRLS necklace & BRUNETTE from Lisbeth Jewelry.

GIRLS necklace & BRUNETTE from Lisbeth Jewelry.


NARS Eyeshadow Palettes

Danger Control vs. NARSissist Wanted

If you picked up the NARSissist Wanted palette back in November, and you're not sure about Danger Control, I'm here to tell you that they're totally different. The Wanted palette has a twelve warm shades that range from matte, to shimmer, and glitter. The Danger Control Palette features cool pastel shades that are holographic, with some that have a shimmery effect to them. These are two totally different things. 

Even though Danger Control is listed as an eyeshadow, I think it can totally be used as a face highlight, if you prefer the holographic look.

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches - Sephora Exclusive - - toronto beauty blog - nathalie martin_7164.jpg

The Danger Control palette might be smaller than the Wanted palette, but the eyeshadows pans are bigger. 

Danger Control = 6 x 0.07 oz/ 2 g eyeshadows
NARSissist Wanted = 12 x 0.04 oz/ 1.4 g eyeshadows

GIRLS necklace (worn as a bracelet) from Lisbeth Jewelry.

GIRLS necklace (worn as a bracelet) from Lisbeth Jewelry.

The NARS Danger Control Palette contains:

RAVE (shimmering white silver)
ELEKTRA (shimmering golden pink) 
AERYN SUN (shimmering pale pink) 
BIONIC (iridescent yellow)
HAEDUS (iridescent purple)
TONIC (shimmering lilac)

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches - Sephora Exclusive - - toronto beauty blog - nathalie martin_7193.jpg

As you can tell, my love for NARS is legit. When I first got serious about makeup, they were one of the first brands I got into. Orgasm was the first designer blush I ever bought with my own money when I was a teen. Even back then, I used to read Allure magazine religiously and everyone was raving about this one blush that looked natural and flattering on all skin tones, so I had to have it. 

NARS sort of fell off my radar for a while but I got back into it again with the introduction of the Charlotte Gainsbourg collection last year. She's been one of my favourite actresses and style icons for many, many years and her collection truly spoke to me. 

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches - Sephora Exclusive - - toronto beauty blog - nathalie martin_7172.jpg

I'm off to Quebec later this week and I'm already thinking about what makeup to pack. NARS new Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is a medium coverage and applies to the skin like a thin veil and looks natural.

I'm concealer obsessed and normally I'll layer a creamy concealer and a pot for more coverage. This allows me to spot correct the areas where I need more coverage, as opposed to cover my under eyes with a thick layer of concealer, which could look really dry and unnatural. 

Another one of my NARS must-haves for travel is the Powermatte Lip Pigments. They are phenomenal and one of my favourite new products of 2017. My go-to shades are American Woman (chestnut rose) and Get It On (tan rose). They last for hours, even after eating and drinking. Just make sure to use a hydrating lip balm underneath first, so that your lips don't get too dry.

This carrying-case is from a PR sample that came with the NARS Velvet Matte Foundation stick and I don't believe it's available for purchase. (Eek, sorry guys!) I love it because it's perfect for taking on a quick trip and carrying around my makeup. 

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches - Sephora Exclusive - - toronto beauty blog - nathalie martin.jpg

Disclaimer: The NARS Danger Control palette is a PR sample. Links found in this story are affiliate links and used as a form of compensation, as I make a small commission if you purchase anything from these links. All photos and opinions in this post are 100% honest and my own. 

Two Looks with CHANEL's Neapolis New City Eyeshadow Palette

Chanel Les 9 Ombres Affresco eyeshadow palette, Neapolis New City Spring Summer 2018, - nathalie martin.jpg

Chanel's latest eyeshadow palette, Les 9 Ombres Affresco, looks like an ocean-inspired medley of shades that might be more fitting for cruise-life than everyday wear. Some of that might hold some truth since the shades were inspired by Lucia Pica, the brands Global Creative Makeup Artist, and Colour Designer, and her hometown of Naples, Italy.

Lucky for us, it's totally everyday friendly and versatile. In this post, I'll be showing you how to create two totally different looks, but first, let's jump into some quick product info.

The palette is just one out of eleven stunning pieces, in a twenty-four shade limited-edition collection, for Chanel's Neapolis New City Spring/Summer 2018. The makeup colours comprise of beautiful blue-greens, sunset golden yellows, seashell pale pinks, and rich vibrant orange reds. 

The shimmery golden shade and muted browns work together beautifully for a classic nude eye. If you're feeling more adventurous opt for a pop of turquoise-blue that feels sophisticated and perfect for a night out.

For more intense colour when using the blues and greens in the palette, apply Chanel's Ombre Premiere Crème Eyeshadow in the shade Verderame, an ashy green shade, to your eyes as a base first to really make the colour pop.

What I like best about this palette is how truly versatile it is. All of the shades work beautifully together. They're highly pigmented and long-lasting and go on silky smooth.

For more on Chanel's Neapolis New City collection, make sure to check out Part One on my lipstick blog,


Easy Everyday Smoked Out Eyeliner

Zara sequin court shoes - sally hansen nail polish in red it online - all black outfit - chanel neapolis new city eyeshadow palette - beauty blogger - - nathalie martin06830.jpg

The idea behind this everyday smoked out eyeliner was inspired by all of the French women who's style I've always admired. This look is so ridiculously simple and with time, you can totally master it in a few minutes. It's my go-to look pretty much everyday. Sometimes I'll rock a red lip, and sometimes I reach for a matte nude. The point is always to keep the focus on the eyes. It makes me feel more confident and hey, a girl always wants to feel good. 



  • CHANEL Les 9 Ombres Affresco Eyeshadow Palette
  • A fluffy crease brush (I used one by Marc Jacobs)
  • M.A.C's Pro Longwear Fluidline, black gel liner
  • An eyeliner brush (I used a lip brush from Sephora)
  • CHANEL Le Volume Mascara

1. Mix the golden shade and the matte brown shade from the palette using your crease brush. Apply it to your eyelids and blend to the crease. Build up the intensity of the eyeshadow slowly to prevent fallout. This also helps you control how pigmented you want your shadow to be. Do the same for the lower lash line.

2. Line your upper waterline with black using the eyeliner brush. Then line your upper lash line, keeping it as close to the lashes as you can. (A thick line will close up your eye and make it appear smaller.) Use the leftover pigment from your brush and lightly line your lower lash line. Make sure to connect the outer corners of the lower and upper lines you just created.

Zara sequin court shoes - sally hansen nail polish in red it online - all black outfit - chanel neapolis new city eyeshadow palette - beauty blogger - - nathalie martin.jpg

3. Now you're going to smoke out the gel liner, starting at the upper lash line. Using the same eyeliner brush, dip it into the charcoal shade and mix it with the shimmery burgundy of the Les 9 Ombres palette. Run the brush along the upper lash line like you did before, building up the intensity of the line as you go along. Without loading your brush with more shadow, repeat the step for the lower lash line. If you want a darker eye, go ahead and load up that brush with more shadow. I like to keep mine pretty light.

4. The final step, I used one coat of Chanel's Le Volume in black. I skipped out on curling my lashes because I this mascara does a great job at curling, but also, I have no clue where my eyelash curler went. 



Date Night Smudlering Green Cat Eye

Chanel Eyeshadow Collection Neapolis New City - Les 9 Ombres Affresco - - canadian beauty blog by nathalie martin_6571.jpg

I had an evening out in mind when I created this look. I started with a nude shadow and then applied the ashy-green creme eyeshadow from CHANEL'S SS18 collection to emphasize the colour, but also to give my shadow longevity but layering a powdered shadow from the Les 9 Ombres palette on top. (Full steps are listed below.)

Whether it's date night, or a night out with the girls, this look will definitely get you noticed. I went totally bold for the finished look and ended up pairing it with a red liquid lip colour from, also from CHANEL'S SS18 collection, called 164 Entusiasta. If you haven't tried it yet, it's a creamy heavenly lipstick that's both hydrating and beautifully pigmented. 

Chanel Eyeshadow Collection Neapolis New City - Les 9 Ombres Affresco - - canadian beauty blog by nathalie martin_6551.jpg


  • CHANEL Les 9 Ombres Affresco Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition)
  • CHANEL Ombre Premiere Crème Eyeshadow in Verderame, ashy-green (limited edition)
  • CHANEL Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Mare Chiaro, soft green (limited edition)
  • A fluffy crease brush (I used one by Marc Jacobs)
  • An eyeliner brush (I used a lip brush from Sephora)
  • CHANEL Le Volume Mascara

1. Mix the pale pink shade and the matte brown shade from the palette using your crease brush. Apply it to your eyelids and lower lash line and blend. 

2. Now take the ashy-green Ombre Premiere Crème Eyeshadow in Verderame, and create a winged line using the brush that shadow comes with. Line your lower lashline and connect the two, at the outer corner of the eye.

3. Using the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in the shade Mare Chiaro, a soft mossy green, line your upper waterline, followed by the lower waterline. 

4. Using the eyeliner brush, dip it into the green shade from the Les 9 Ombres palette. Run the brush over top of the cream shadow winged line that you created in step two. Doing this will intensify the colour further, and the powder will lock that cream shadow into place. Do the same for the lower lashline, making sure to blend as you go along. 

5. Take some of the lighter grey shade in the palette, and using the same eyeliner brush, run it along the outer edge of the winged line to create some depth at the end. 

6. Coat those lashes with some volumizing black mascara!


SPONSORED: Skip The Primer with This Olay Moisturizer!

Skip The Primer with This Olay Moisturizer.jpg

Picture this: you sleep through your alarm and you have 15 minutes to shower and get ready for work.

Okay. Go!

Straight out of the shower, you moisturize real-quick, and do your best five-minute makeup routine. You need a moisturizer that’s going to absorb into your skin in a flash, and forget the makeup primer because there’s no time!

Okay let’s be real, I work from home so if my day starts 10 minutes late, it’s no biggie. But I do hold myself to a strict work schedule and there are days that are so busy, that I run behind getting ready for meetings and I need to get ready fast!

Primer isn’t a priority at that point but a good moisturizer, foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick are my saviors for looking put together.

This is why I’ve been so obsessed with Olay Total Effects Whip. It’s an incredibly lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that offers immediate absorption so I can put my foundation on right away.

Even though Olay Whips are lightweight, they pack plenty of nourishment and hydrate like no other thanks to the Active Rush Technology that makes them hold 1000x its weight in hydration.

Olay Total Effects Whip is also formulated with Vitamins C and E and glycerin and leaves my skin matte and smooth, and ready to conquer my day.

olay whips moisturizer review - - beauty blog by nathalie martin_6744.jpg

Seven Benefits of Olay Total Effects Whip Cream*

1. Actively replenishes nourishing moisture
2. Evens skin tone appearance
3. Enhances brightness
4. Visibly smooths fine lines
5. Minimizes the look of pores
6. Restores firmness
7. Visibly reduces dark spots

*As per the scientific research conducted by Olay.

olay whips moisturizer review - - beauty blog by nathalie martin_6710.jpg

Best of all, my makeup stays intact thanks to the non-greasy formula, and for the first time in my life, I’m finding myself skipping face powder! This is a HUGE deal for me because I’ve struggled with oily/combination skin for most of my life and it’s finally starting to feel normal. I like how Olay Whips leaves my skin feeling and looking natural through the day and keeps my makeup looking fresh.

olay whips moisturizer review - - beauty blog by nathalie martin_6774.jpg

It’s been a couple of months since I started using Olay Total Effects Whip and I just finished my first jar. It’s become my go-to moisturizer in my daily routine and I’ve noticed my skin has stayed hydrated and smooth, even with the harsh cold winter season.

So, if you’re looking for an amazing moisturizer that can act like a primer, hydrate, brighten, smooth fine lines, nourish, even out your skin tone, minimize pores, restore firmness, and reduce dark spots, check out Olay Total Effects Whip.

This post has been sponsored by Olay.
All photos are my own.
Opinions written in this post are honest and completely my own.


What I Bought on Sale Last Week!

What I Bought On Sale Last Week - Black Dollan Studded Boots, GUNMETAL GLITTER LULIANA BOOTS, Fenzay Studded Loafers, Chanel black patent leather loafers - closet - - nathalie martin (1).jpg

I'm a total sucker for a good sale, so when I blogged about my favourite finds in Grab These on Sale Before They're Gone, I really couldn't help but pick up a few things. 

Sale season is one of the best times to score designer goods and normally I hold out until then. 

My favourite find has to be these badass studded Isabel Marant boots called the Dollan. They remind me a bit of Chloé's Susanna boot but somehow these feel more refreshing because of the cowboy silhouette. 

Marshall Stanmore speakers - Isabel Marant Black Dollan Studded Boots - -06246.jpg

I hummed and hawed over them for a while and I wasn't entirely convinced until I saw Erin Wasson wearing a similar pair on Pinterest. Yup. Sometimes that's all it takes for me. 

Anyway, my sale scores include a pair of glittery Zara court shoes with an ankle wrap (now sold out), glittery Isabel Marant Luliana boots, Isabel Marant Fenzay black studded loafers, Giuseppe Zanotti black suede Lavinia platforms, and of course the aforementioned Dollan boots. 

I'm pretty happy with everything. It's more than what I was expecting to get, but again, everything was reduced a fair bit because it was the end of the sale, so I have no regrets.

Black Dollan Studded Boots, GUNMETAL GLITTER LULIANA BOOTS, Fenzay Studded Loafers, Chanel black patent leather loafers - closet - martin-06314.jpg

BTW- I have a special announcement! If you don't already know, I launched a beauty blog last year! With the help of Diana, bff/beauty editor extraordinaire, we're running full steam ahead with LIPSICK.ME

Make sure you log on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new posts related to lipstick and lip products.

Last week we looked at Chanel's new Neapolis collection and this week we've covered Bite's new Prismatic Pearl Multistick! Lots to come in the future, including lots of giveaways, so make sure you follow us on Instagram @imsolipsick.

✌ ✌ ✌

Last week I blogged about some of my favourite sale finds. I couldn't help but pick up a few of them for myself. 

Wearing my new Isabel Marant Glitter Luliana Boots from, one of my favourite places to shop!

I'm crazy about this Marshall Stanmore speaker. I had seen something like this at the Ludlow Hotel in New York and knew I wanted one in my home.

I almost didn't buy these studded Isabel Marant cowboy boots called the Dollan boots. I saw Erin Wasson sporting something similar on Pinterest so I went online and picked up the last pair.

One of my favourite new lipsticks from the Chanel Neapolis collection for SS18.

Matching my Céline Nano Luggage bag to my lipstick. If you haven't already, make sure you check out my lipstick blog- It's a true labour of love!

RECIPE: Ginger, Turmeric & Cardamom Latte with Manuka Honey

Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin (1).jpg

It's flu season, and it seems like everyone in my circle of friends and family is sick right now.

When Geoff came down with a nasty cold for the second time in two weeks, I ordered him to stay home from work and sleep it off. 

That day, I made sure that he had lots of warm veggie soup, herbal tea, and plenty of ginger and garlic to help boost his immune system back to health. 

Of course, as he was getting better, I got sick. 

I spent the day in bed, sleeping it off, just like I had recommended to him. 

When I couldn't sleep anymore, I grabbed my iPad to browse one of my favourite blogs, goop. Yup, this once-upon-a-time Gwenyth hater is now totally head over heels smitten with her and her site.

Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin_6625.jpg

A video for something called Warming Tea Latte caught my eye, which inspired me to run to my kitchen to concoct my own version.

The results are exactly what I needed to get better - a drink that feels soothing, comforting to sip on, with the subtle flavours of ginger and cardamom with a hint of sweetness from Manuka honey.  

That night I went to bed early and the next morning I woke up feeling a million times better and ready to conquer the day.

Thanks for the idea GP!

Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin_6654.jpg

RECIPE: Nathalie's Ginger, Turmeric & Cardamom Latte with Manuka Honey

Makes 2 cups

Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin _6577.jpg
Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin_6578.jpg
  • Almond milk (or any non-dairy milk of your choice)
  • Water
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1-inch piece of fresh organic ginger, peeled, washed, and cut
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp of ground turmeric
  • 2 cardamom pods
  • 1/4 tsp of nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp, more or less, of Manuka Honey for taste
  1. Fill a mason jar with half water and half almond milk.
  2. Throw the water/almond milk mix and all of your ingredients into a saucepan. 
  3. Simmer on low-medium heat for about 30-40 minutes.
  4. Stir occasionally and check in to make sure it's not boiling. Simmer is good. Boiling is not.
  5. Strain into a mug and enjoy!
  6. Flavour with more honey if that's your thing.
Ginger Turmeric and Cardamom Latte Tea with Manuka Honey- Vegan - All Natural Recipe - - Nathalie Martin_6632.jpg

Grab These on Sale Before They're Gone!

my sale shoe haul from - GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  Black Suede Lavinia Platform Heels :: ISABEL MARANT Black Fenzay Studded Loafers, $244 :: ISABEL MARANT Gunmetal Glitter Luliana Boots - - nathalie martin(1).jpg

The end of sale season is one of the best times to shop! Sure, pickings are slim but if you have the patience, it's totally worth checking out the sale corner of your favourite store or spending an hour or two online. Let's be real though, it was closer to a full day event for me...

Retailers are reducing prices like crazy right now to make room for the new stuff and that means you can get a killer pair of Isabel Marant boots on sale for 70% off. Last year I saw a full-size Givenchy Nightengale bag on SSENSE.COM for $800 and almost lost it right then and there. Of course, by the time I'd clicked on the link, it was already sold out. 

For this post, I've put together a list of my favourite pieces currently on mega sale! Word of advice, don't wait if you see something you like because inventory is low. Unless it says final sale, you can get a full refund so I say buy now and make up your mind later. Happy shopping!


STELLA MCCARTNEY mini black FALABELLA with gold hardware, $728 //  IRO long sleeved striped black, pink and white knit, $125 // ISABEL MARANT Nyasha paneled smooth and patent-leather boots, $225 // ISABEL MARANT black & gold leather bracelet cuff // SHOPBOP black ruffle shirt, $28 // SHOPBOP faux leather pants, $70 // MIU MIU navy blue velvet platform boots, $445  // JW ANDERSON Gold-plated And Silver-tone Ring, $104 // SAM EDLEMAN Ludlow Leopard print slingback Calf Hair Pumps, $78 // 3x1 black cropped fringe high rise straight leg jeans, $182 // GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  Black Suede Lavinia Platform Heels, $293 // ISABEL MARANT Black Fenzay Studded Loafers, $244 // ISABEL MARANT Black Dollan Studded Boots, $408 // ISABEL MARANT Burgundy Darilay Boots, $339 // CHLOÉ Navy Velvet Susanna Boots, $686 // PRADA Pink Velvet Belt Slides, $229 // MIU MIU burgundy glittered velvet platform sandals, $345 // SAINT LAURENT PARIS Babies silver glittered leather pumps , $310

My latest sale haul: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  Black Suede Lavinia Platform Heels // ISABEL MARANT Black Fenzay Studded Loafers // ISABEL MARANT Gunmetal Glitter Luliana Boots

My latest sale haul: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  Black Suede Lavinia Platform Heels // ISABEL MARANT Black Fenzay Studded Loafers // ISABEL MARANT Gunmetal Glitter Luliana Boots


So What The Heck Is Micellar Shampoo Anyway?

Micellar Shampoo Is The Next Big Thing For Hair Care! - Redken Micellar Shampoo and Herbal Essences bio renew Micellar Shampoo and conditioner, Rachel Zipperian, Nathaie Martin, beauty blog woahstyle.com_6159.jpg

When your hair is so big it needs its own postal code you try every product on the market to help tame it. I’ve learned that starting with a good shampoo is key and the wrong one can flare up frizz like it’s the 70’s again.

When micellar shampoos landed on my desk I thought, “I see you, but are you just another marketing ploy?”

We use micellar water to remove our makeup at the end of the day, so why do we need it to clean our hair and are there any benefits?

I had the chance to ask Herbal Essences own Product Developer, Rachel Zipperian about the key benefits of micellar in our shampoo. Here's what she had to say.

"Want to know the magic behind the micelles?  It can be tough to wash away oil because oil repels water. The tiny but powerful cleaning micelles work so well because they are essentially bi-polar. One side of the micelle is attracted to oil, the other end is attracted to water. During use, the micelle is activated so it can trap the oil and suspend it in water that is then rinsed away."

Micellar Shampoo Is The Next Big Thing For Hair Care! - Redken Micellar Shampoo and Herbal Essences bio renew Micellar Shampoo and conditioner, Rachel Zipperian, Nathaie Martin, beauty blog woahstyle.com_6175.jpg

So What Is Micellar Shampoo Anyway?
feat. Herbal Essences' 
Product Developer, Rachel Zipperian

WoahStyle: Why is micellar water a great ingredient in hair care?

Rachel Zipperian: Micellar water is a great ingredient in hair care because it is filled with tiny, but mighty cleaning micelles that work to gently and effectively removes dirt and unwanted oils from hair as you wash. Micellar water shampoos formulas are ideal for an everyday shampoo because it cleans away the gunk your hair has picked up during your day but does not leave hair feeling stripped or overclean. A great way to lighten up and get a fresh, clean start for your hair.

WS: What does it do for hair?

RZ: Mother Nature created hair to protect humans. By design, hair picks up gunk throughout our day. Micellar water gently cleans away this unwanted gunk to reveal fresh, clean hair without over stripping. Our bio:renew blend is also part of our Micellar Water formula. With bio:renew, your hair will also get a dose of natural antioxidants with every wash.

WS: Why is it similar/different from micellar water in skin care?

RZ: From a gentle cleaning standpoint, they are similar. Micelles are tiny cleaning ingredients that are designed to gently remove dirt and oil and easily rinse away in water.  The main difference is how you use the products. You don’t need to rinse Micellar water products in skin care because the micelles are already activated in the product so they can effectively work on a cotton ball or wipe. In hair care, you do have to rinse micellar shampoo out when you’re done lathering.  (For a no-rinse option, we have awesome dry shampoos.) The rinse water is needed to activate the micelles to carry the trapped dirt and oils from hair. 

My first micellar shampoo gave me give bouncy hair that was virtually frizz free! Air dry all the way!!

High end vs. drug store micellar shampoo. Redken's (left) is silicone and sulphate-free while Herbal Essences bio:renew (right) contains SLS, a foaming agent which some people avoid as it can be an irritant in a small percent of the population. 

My favourite drug store shampoo, Herbal Essences bio:renew, welcomes four new shampoos and conditioners to the family: Deep Sea Minerals, Blue Ginger, Bourbon Manuka Honey, and White Strawberry & Sweet Mint! The entire range smells incredible and is safe for coloured hair. 

Digging the results of my first micellar shampoo. I let my naturally wavy and frizz prone hair air dry and just love the results!

Redken's Clean Maniac Micellar shampoo and Clean-Touch conditioner leave a bigger dent in the wallet at about $20 a bottle. On the other hand, they're silicone and sulfate-free and are safe for coloured and treated hair. 

I used Herbal Essence’s bio:renew micellar shampoo in the shower the other day and noticed two things straight away -  it felt like a normal shampoo and it smelled like micellar water. 

Okay, okay. 

By the time I was done washing my hair I realized it had some slip to it and felt squeaky clean. No really. It was making a squeaky clean noise and I kinda liked it. I'm wondering if the micelles almost give the shampoo a boost and make it act like a clarifying shampoo. Hmm...

Seeing as I had a busy day of shooting ahead and I'd be staying indoors, I didn’t blow dry my hair and opted for air dry instead. You see, I have a lot of hair that happens to be thick and wavy and air drying is the lesser of two evils. 20 minutes drying my hair? Or 3 hours heat-free waiting for it to air dry? 🙋🏻

Moving along.

My Top Rated Hair Care For Frizz Free Locks

A couple of hours later and my hair was almost dry, virtually frizz-free with mega volume! I felt compelled to turn on a fan and snap some selfies because what else do you do with big hair?

My post hair washing routine stayed the same - a dab of Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil cream at the ends, followed by Bumble and Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, and finally a pump of OUAI’s Hair Oil.

So, the final verdict?

I mean, it's hard to say after just one wash. Was I having a good hair day or is micellar shampoo is the real deal? I'm not sure yet but if my unruly hair just so happens to air-dry into bouncy waves, then I say it’s worth checking out!

what is micellar shampoo - herbal essences bio renew and redken clean touch.jpg