101414 Natural Skincare

For the last couple of years I’ve been using more natural skincare products for both my face and body in order to be kinder to my skin and the environment. My daily skincare regimen is simple and applies to both night and day.

WoahStyle.com | Natural Skincare Regimen with SBT Seabuckthorn, Alba Botanica and Thayers

FACE WASH | I’m currently using Clinque’s face bar which isn’t a favorite of mine but I’m hoping to finish it off soon as SBT Seabuckthorn just sent me this beautiful Therapeutic Berry Bar. It’s made with SBT fruit oil that is tested at 43% Omega 7 (fruit oil usually ranges at 20%-34% max.). The soap is also vegan and made with a five vegetable oil base and lots of USDA Organic Seabuckthorn seed & fruit oils. This leaves me excited to start using it now and ditch the Clinque for washing my hands. Stay tuned for a detailed review once I’ve begun using it.

TONER | My BFF introduced me to Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked since. It’s soothing and gentle and wipes away any left over traces of makeup. Because it’s natural, I feel comfortable and safe using it around my eyes to wipe away any left over traces of eye makeup. Best part – it’s about $10 and I find it comparable to the Kiehl’s toner I was using previously.  My preferred Thayers scent is the Rose Petal, but when it’s sold out, I’m willing to try whatever is on the shelf because trust me, they’re all good!

MOISTURIZE | The lovely folks at Seabuckthorn got me hooked on this Anti-Aging Cream (although I’d call this more of a lotion). Regardless, this stuff is my BFF of moisturizers!  It absorbs right into the skin leaving my face ready for makeup without needing primer. Yes, I’ve ditched my primer since I’ve started using this stuff! I also find that my face isn’t as shiny mid-day which makes me feel incredible since my skin is on the oily side. By the end of the day I find my makeup also lasts longer. At night it’s the same ritual, wash, tone and moisturize. I really don’t feel the need for night creams. In my opinion stay out of the sun, eat well, wash your face, moisturize and you’ll age gracefully! Come the harsh Canadian winters, I like this Oil Free Moisturizer by Alba Botanica. It gives me that extra layer of moisture when my skin needs it. I plan to use it sparingly this year layered on top of my SBT lotion.

SPECIAL CARE | When my skin acts up with acne I dab a little bit of the SBT Seed Oil on my spots and they go away almost immediately. I’m so impressed with how the seed oil works – I’ve used it on scars and even an ingrown hair that I’ve been battling with for months (gross I know but it happens!). I don’t know by what miracle it worked but this seed oil lifted that sucker out! (Thank you SBT!!!) Back to the acne part, I was previously using Burt’s Bee’s Herbal Blemish Stick for spots, which left my skin severely burned for weeks after along with a dark scar that was left over even once the acne cleared. The SBT Seed Oil is so much kinder and effective on the skin I can’t imagine my medicine cabinet without it.   

Now if only I could find a natural SPF and eye cream. Recommendations anyone?

SBT Seabuckthorn, Alba Bontica and Thayers can be found at Whole Foods and well.ca in addition to the appropriate brand websites.

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