111014 Dissecting the WoahStyle

WoahStyle.com | brown hat, black outfit, Mackage leather jacket, Oak + Fort tank, Rag & Bone distressed denim, Chanel moccasin loafers, Alexander Wang Diego bag, glasses #streetstyle

Killer accessories make an outfit. That and well fitting clothes with good tailoring. Regardless of trends and body type, these are the fundamentals for excellent style. I've decided to start a new article on the blog that dissects my personal style and how you can apply these rules to your own style using your existing closet and a little bit of imagination. I'll tell you why I mix textures and colours and how to become a pro in dressing quickly. 

WoahStyle.com | Black Basics, Rag & Bone skinny jeans and Oak + Fort tank top

My daily uniform is all about jeans and a t-shirt. Unless I'm going to an event, I really don't think too much about what I'm going to wear. My previous post, Shades of Black, is a perfect example. Strip away the layers and I'm wearing a black tank and black distressed denim. The Rag & Bone jeans are excellent for my petite frame and since I can't commit to having them hemmed, I simply cuff them. The black Oak + Fort tank is loose and drapey and sits away from the body so that it doesn't appear that I'm wearing a leotard from afar.

WoahStyle.com | The cropped black leather jacket by Mackage

Layered over top of the tank is my Mackage cropped leather jacket. The leather adds warmth on a cold day and most importantly adds contrast, texture and breaks up the black tones. 

STYLE TIP: When shopping for jackets always look at the shoulders, even if the rest of the jacket appears to fit your body. A well fitting shoulder will lie flat with end of your shoulder meeting the end of the jacket shoulder. Shoulder bunching means the jacket is too small while too much shoulder fabric means the jacket is too big. Use the size on the label only as a guide and let the shoulders tell you the truth. Now how many times can you say shoulder?! 

WoahStyle.com | Chanel patent leather Moccasin loafers with signature CC logo

I chose my black patent leather Chanel Moccasin loafers to lighten up the look and keep it from getting too heavy. The shoe also adds some femininity to an otherwise tough outfit. The classic loafers are comfortable for walking around in the city but also make a big impact with the shiny leather and signature CC's.

WoahStyle.com | French Connection FCUK brown Tiblry fedora hat, Alexander Wang purple blue Diego bucket bag #accessories

Colour comes into play with my purplish-blue Alexander Wang Diego bag and my brown French Connection Trilby Hat. The black band around the hat unites the black in the rest of the outfit, connecting the look head to toe. The tones in the accessories are in the same colour family meaning the entire look is pretty seamless for a relaxed noir look.

When getting dressed, look for unique sharp pieces that will stand out on their own or layered into your outfit. Find a "uniform" that works for you and layer into it with those killer accessories. And remember, well fitting clothes are the key. Regardless of how much your jeans cost, they'll only look amazing if they fit your body type well. 

Thanks for reading! 
xo, Nathalie 

I'M WEARING: French Connection Trilby hat | Mackage Mary A leather jacket | Oak + Fort tank | Rag & Bone distressed skinny jeans | Chanel Moccasin patent leather loafers | Alexander Wang Diego buck bag with brass detailing | Salvatore Ferragamo black frames 

First Photograph by Chantal Li  |  Flat lays by Nathalie Shible Martin