011415 Review: Seabuckthorn Natural Skincare & Hair care

WoahStyle.com | Natural Skincare and Hair care beauty review on Seabuckthorn

I recently received a surprise package from Seabuckthorn that I'm calling "a spa in the mail". The parcel included their natural hair care, balms, creams, soaps and tea. Thanks SBT!!! I love this brand for that it leaves my skin balanced even with the freezing Toronto weather. I also love them for the fact that they're environmentally friendly. They're also Canadian and I'm always more than happy to support homegrown! Keep reading for my review.

WoahStyle.com | Natural Hair Seabuckthorn, Canadian and 100% natural packaged in recycled bottles #veganhaircare

PEPPERMINT SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - I love this shampoo for that it wakes me up in the mornings when I lather up. It contains peppermint and seabuckthorn essential oils which feel really nice and refreshing on my scalp. I doesn't create a lot of suds, but I don’t mind that. A lot of the natural and sulfate free shampoos I've tried are similar in that way. Most importantly it soothes my scalp which is perfect in the winter. 

The conditioner contains the same essential oils which help stimulate the hair follicles and promotes hair growth, volume and shine. For that reason it’s ideal to massage the conditioner into the scalp and then apply it to the ends of the hair. I rinse it out at the end of my shower so that my hair soaks up as much goodness as possible. I also love the clean minty feeling that’s left behind. Both the shampoo and conditioner are paraben free, all natural with 100% sustainable ingredients and are packed in 100% recycled bottles. 

WoahStyle.com | Natural skin care review - Seabuckthorn Berry Cleansing Bar

BERRY BARI briefly touched on this product on my Natural Skincare post here. Instead of repeating myself I’m going to tell you how I like it. SBT doesn't add unnecessary fragrances to their products which I really appreciate since I’m sensitive to artificial scents. The bar is gentle on my skin and yet it does a great job at removing my makeup. Since using it, my skin has felt more balanced and moisturized. (No more flaky skin in the winter!) I swear I've even have less breakouts! 

ANTI-AGING CREAMIt comes in a tube and has more of a lotion consistency but regardless this is my new all-time fave. It feels non-greasy, absorbs nicely, keeps my skin well moisturized and helps my makeup last longer. Around the time I hit 30, I felt the need to use expensive anti-aging face creams to preserve my youth. I found that I was breaking out and they didn't work. After experimenting with skincare I've found the best possible regimen for anti-aging is to eat a plant rich diet, drink lots of water, wash your makeup off every night before going to bed and moisturize, preferably with a natural product! For crying out loud, I still get carded for ID when I buy wine. I must be doing something right!

WoahStyle.com | Seabuckthorn 100% natural and Canadian lip balm & sniffle stick

LIP BALM - Lip balms are pretty universal so I won't go into too much detail but I love that this one by SBT because it's natural, petroleum free and moisturizes beautifully. Even my BFF was so enamored with it that she just order a few online. Enough said.

SNIFFLE STICKHere we go with the peppermint again! It could be the whole winter time thing but I love using this balm around my nostrils at night. It’s the last thing that I do once I've washed my face and have moisturized. It helps clear my breathing and relaxes me. Love this stuff!

WoahStyle.com | Seabuckthorn tea with 24% protein, magnesium and calcium. #vegan #healthfood

TEA - My diet is about 90% vegan and I'm ashamed to admit that the 10% that isn't is due to my insatiable love of sweets. I'm weak! I rely on this tea to help my body feel better and relax. It's herbal, caffeine free and contains 24% protein, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin E and Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, amongst other vitamins and nutrients (check out their site for more info). This tea comes from the leaves of the seabuckthorn plant and is available in loose leaf or bagged tea.
SKINCARE TIP: I have been told by the lovely Marissa at SBT that the tea can be used as a toner. I keep meaning to try it but I always drink every last bit! 

WoahStyle.com | Seabuckthorn tea with 24% protein #vegan #healthfood #superfood

Seabuckthorn products can be purchased online on their site as well as Whole Foods and other health stores across Canada. For international order email them at sales@seabuckthorn.com.