010815 Review: The Cheap Pencils

WoahStylecom | Annabelle and Rimmel London eye liner and lip liner review

My BFF is obsessed with beauty and skin care products. I wish she had a blog because we’d all learn from it but instead she just chooses who to pass her wisdom to. Being her closest friend I consider myself lucky because she shares so many great tips with me. A few months back she mentioned that a lot of beauty bloggers where preferring the Annabelle eyebrow pencil to that of Anastasia. Recalling this info recently, I drove over to the drugstore (Shoppers to be exact fellow Canadians) and picked up the eyebrow pencil and an Annabelle lip pencil and fell in love! 

DEMURE - a true nude colour that is the perfect balance of pink and beige and isn’t too dark, too light or too muddy on my olive skin. I use nude liners when I want to give my coral lipsticks a subdued look.

CORAL - this coral lip pencil is just bright enough without being neon if I want to make a statement with the coral lipsticks that I already own and really makes the colours pop. 

BORDEAUX - a perfect rich wine colour. Not too red and not too purple, I like wearing this one with my Chanel Rivoli lipstick. 

WoahStylecom | Annabelle and Rimmel London eye liner and lip liner review

MEDIUM BROWN EYEBROW - My hair is a natural (yes, un-dyed) medium/ dark brown but my eyebrows black and sparse. It is so hard to find an eyebrow product that works for me without looking too heavy. This one almost matches the colour of my hair, and makes my whole face look brighter!

BLACK KOHL EYELINER - A black kohl liner is good to keep around for quickly lining the eyes. This one draws a smooth line and stays on pretty well considering most eye makeup disappears on my eyelids after a while. (Primers are a must for me.)

RIMMEL LONDON SOFT KOHL IN PURE WHITE - Okay so it’s not Annabell but with all of the Youtube videos I’m watching, I was convinced I needed a white liner for my waterline and this one was recommended to me. Compared to some other white liners I’ve used, this one is soft and holds up nicely through out the day. 


All of the formulas I mention here are creamy and go on nicely without tugging at my skin. They also come in beautiful rich colours. At Shoppers the cost was about $7 a pencil but I found them at Target for under $4!!! 

To give you an idea the lip and eye pencils that I had in my makeup bag before trying these are: Chanel, Armani, Benefit, MAC, Stila and Givenchy. I recommend trying the cheap pencils. With good formulas, colours and staying power, they're a great way experimenting with looks! I'll be picking up a blue eye liner next!