Every so often I end up getting a new piece of clothing that I can't stop obsessing over and honestly, I've been wearing this Mother utility jacket every single day since I got it at Winners last weekend! On the second day of wear, my BFF said "Oh, you're wearing it again?" and on the third day she remarked, "Really?!"

It's not like I don't have anything else to wear, it's just I love it! My jacket is super soft and goes with everything. It keeps me warm when it's cool out and keeps me looking cool when I'm indoors. (Like what I did there?!) The length and oversized shape is another plus in my eyes since it allows for easy, effortless layering. It also takes me back to being a teenager and listening to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. I looked up to those grungy rock star gods so much that I wanted to dress like them. Fast forward to 2015, I still admire the grunge vibes, but in a more feminine, chic way, with leather leggings, a frayed chambray dress from Zara, Sandro ankle boots and the chicest of them all, my Givenchy Pandora bag.

We can't help what we fall in love with and sometimes we just have to embrace it. Translation: You'll be seeing a lot of this jacket on my IG so get used to it! Now, what's your current obsession?

xo, Nathalie