Fashion Week: The Shirt Dress + The Bump

There must be something in the air recently, because pretty much everyone I've been talking to recently has had the weirdest stream of bad luck. Present company included. While getting ready for the Mackage show and private dinner last night, I had a freakish accident and opened the medicine drawer in my bathroom, right onto my forehead! It hurt like crazy!!! Before I knew it, the spot swelled up to the size of a golf ball. Now just imagine me, holding ice to the bump with one hand and desperately trying to finish my makeup with the other.

I ended up wearing a hat that night to conceal the bump on my head, which meant my entire outfit changed at the last minute. While I didn't wear the whole outfit you see here, I did wear the Mackage leather leggings in honour of their SS16 collection. As for the shirt dress in this post, it's a gift from the wonderful team at Frank & Eileen. Their button ups are soft and luxurious and they're the perfect compliment for my edgy-basics. (Thank you F&E!)

Oh, and about that bump on my head, it's now a 2-inch red mark that's still sore. I haven't decided wether or not I'm wearing a hat for the last day of fashion week tomorrow, but I do know that I need to chill out and try to take things one step at a time. 

Frank & Eileen Mary shirt dress.
Lisbeth Jewelry necklaces in Lia and Layla.
Mackage leather leggings.
The Kooples leather jacket.
3.1 Phillip Lim ankle boots.
Givenchy small black Pandora.
Old Navy sunglasses.