Just Bear With Me

December is my favourite month and this year is going to be incredible. It kicks off with Diana's bday (Dec 2nd), then I'm flying out to Banff/ Lake Louise mid month, then I get back in time for my bday (Dec. 21st), and finally Christmas! LOVE December! 

Speaking of Xmas, I've been working on an awesome gift guide for you this year with ideas of what to get everyone on your list. They're items I can't wait to gift my friends and family and I hope they're items you're going to be excited about too. All of that is going down soon so bear with me please and thanks. In the meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy the first part of this post. We shot this by the lake in Burlington on the weekend. I'm so happy with this series that I had to split it up. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow! ;)

xo, Nathalie


Banana Republic, jeans & oversized cardigan (on sale with promo code BRGIVE)
Old Navy, knitted cap & wrap coat
Gap, sweatshirt with side zip (on sale with promo code GAPHAPPY)
Roztayger, backpack from Bonastre (on sale with promo code Thanksgiving2015)
Everlane, slip ons

Disclaimer: The clothes I'm wearing were gifted to me by Gap Inc. They're pieces I love for myself, and would happily gift to a loved one as well.