Save It For A Rainy Day

Being as accessories obsessed as I am, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I love rain boots and umbrellas. A few years ago I logged onto Shopbop, a site that I used to spend waaaaaay to much time and money on, only to end up buying a pair of designer rubber wellies. They looked like motorcycle boots and I loved them but they made the most annoying loud "flop flop" noise every time I walked. I even wore them into the winter, paired with thick socks in hopes to keep my feet warm, but they never were. After a while, the boots ended up cracking around the ankles and water started seeping in, so I retired them. 

I've been holding out to replace my wellies until now. I found these really comfortable ankle boots from Cougar, that are made for rainy days. The dual buckles on these moto rain boots are adjustable, although they're super easy to get on and off. They're also cold rated up to -10 degree weather, which means I can wear them into early winter if I want. I have to say, my favourite part is the neoprene shaft, which means these boots won't crack like my previous pair and they don't make the "flop flop" sound that I hate. 

As for the duck umbrella, I got this one a few years ago when I was visiting Miami. I was desperate to replace my favourite Moschino umbrella, that broke on me. I loved it so much that I held on to it, even in it's pathetic broken state. It was light pink with a pattern of Olive Oyl from when she use to model on Moschino everything. You might be surprise to read that I love cute shit like Hello Kitty and Totoro so much, you'd think I was a 5 year old Asian girl. (Seriously, ask my husband. I squeal when I see HK anything!) So, what are you guys crazy about? We all have something!

xo, Nathalie

Cougar, Kirby rain boots in black. 
TOMS, Bellevue Tortoise sunglasses.
Zara, stripped top.
The Kooples, smoking jacket. 
Rag & Bone, zippered moto jeans.
Saint Laurent, Nano Sac De Jour.
Jenny Bird, ear cuff and snake ring.