6 Amazing Drug Store Cosmetics Under $10

I haven't done a beauty post in a while so here we go! Below are my top six amazing drugstore finds that I can't do without! Some of these are dupes for Dior and Nars, which I'll mention below, while others are just flat out fabulous and don't need any designer or luxury label comparison!

WoahStyle.com | 6 Amazing Drug Store Cosmetics Under $15

I read a review that this cream concealer is a dupe for NARS Radiant, so I had to try it. At a third of the price, it's creamier, lighter weight and blends beautifully. Just make sure to set it with a bit of powder so that it stays on throughout the day. I wish it had a bit more coverage though since my under eye circles can get pretty dark during the work week. My trick to combat pesky racoon eyes is to layer on a little dab of MAC's Studio Finish so I get the appearance of being well rested. In reality I should sleep more but it's not always possible. 

I've been using this mascara for the last 7 years and I still LOVE IT!!! It thickens, lengthens, and lifts without clumping or smudging throughout the day. I apply two coats to top lashes and one coat on the lowers to get the falsie lash effect. It washes away easily with my Consonant cleanser and I don't have to use a makeup remover to get it off. I've used the green tube, the orange tube and now the purple, and they're all awesome. I think this mascara is a dupe for Diorshow Iconic so make sure you give it a try.

When you have yellow undertones like me, it's hard to find a nice pink or nude nail polish that compliments your skin without making it look sallow. Luckily I came across this pretty rosy nude called Topless & Barefoot! It's a pale dusty pink colour that looks as nice on my toes as it does on my hands (important to note sine I find colours don't always translate to both). I find Essie polishes do chip easily, so I always use Dior's Gel Coat to make my manicure last. 

I've commented on this lip liner so much already and there's a reason why. It's as good as the Givenchy and MAC liners that I have and it's better than Chanel. You guys know I love my lipstick and using this liner underneath makes sure that my lip colour doesn't go anywhere. No bleeding, no budging. It just stays put.

I've tried so many eyebrow pencils and powders, from Benefit to MAC, and go figure that this cheapie wood pencil from Annabelle is hands down the best! The colour goes on as light or dark as you want and the shade looks natural with my medium-dark brown hair. As for the staying power, excellent!

Being the lipstick fiend that I am, I had to try this lip primer to see if it would improve the longevity of my lipstick. Since I'm already using a liner, I can't be 100% sure, but I think it does make a difference. Even when I skip my lip liner, using the Nyx primer gives me better coverage and longer wear. And unlike the name suggests, the "colour" is actually clear, not nude.