The Line Up: Spring Footwear | Spring Summer shoes from Alexander Wang and Givenchy #footwear_0662.JPG

I often get comments about how many shoes I have but in reality I'm pretty sure my husband has more shoes than me! When I was younger, sandals overtook my shoe collection and I think it had to do with all of the time I spent in Miami growing up. I'm much more logical about my footwear choices these days and I much prefer to invest in oxfords, loafers and ankle boots considering the Canadian climate. | Spring Summer shoes from Alexander Wang and Valentino #footwear_0650.JPG

Only a few sandals make up my shoe collection and the above five are my absolute favourites. They are shoes that can dress up distressed denim shorts, t-shirt and leather jacket and look just as amazing with a LBD. I like to invest in shoes that I love so that they'll be with me for years to come. I also have my bases covered - a nude sandal, black sandal, kitten heels and a bit of colour. All I'm missing at the moment is a pair of platforms, which I'm holding out for until I find the right pair. There's no sense in filling up my closet with pieces that i feel subpar about. Wouldn't you agree?  

Givenchy nude sanadals
Alexander Wang Antonia heels
Alexander Wang black kitten heels

Valentino Rockstuds with kitten heel
Alexander Wang banded sandal

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