TOP 3 TIPS: HOW TO WEAR BLACK IN THE SUMMER | How to Wear Black in the Summer_Black Mini Dress_Zara Gladiator Sandals_Gucci Boston Bag with Heritage Stripes_Street_Style_2874.jpg

The little black dress is one of those pieces that has been discussed a million times over - it's a piece that every woman needs, it should be flattering your body shape, it should be good quality, yada yada, yada. Instead of telling you what you already know, let's talk about how to wear black in the summer. You guys know know how much I love black but I lately I've been feeling like head to toe black is too heavy for the warm sunny weather. I mean, my mood feels lighter in the summer so shouldn't my clothes reflect that? Read on for my Top 3 Tips on how to wear black in the summer (and not look like a goth). | How to Wear Black in the Summer_Black Mini Dress_Zara Gladiator Sandals_Gucci Boston Bag with Heritage Stripes_Street_Style_2898.jpg

Sure we're talking about head to toe black but don't be afraid to break it up with a bit of colour through your handbag, shoe or jewelry. In this case I chose my Gucci Boston Bag with the heritage stripe and neautral brown canvas. I like how the bag adds warmth to the otherwise sleek black outfit. 

Sheer fabrics, eyelet details and lace are a great way of making black feel light and airy. Earlier this week I posted an outfit wearing a black lace crop top that is epitome of summer and even if I wore it with black jeans, it would still feel just as ethereal as white. (Well, maybe like 90% ethereal.) In this post my dress is solid black but my gladiator sandals have a lightness to them that show skin. Think outside of the box as to how you can make your outfit feel lighter.

Okay girls and boys, summer is the time to show off your best assets so don't hold back! I'm petite with a slender frame so I can pull off mini skirts without looking like a ho. At the same time, it's all about the balancing act. For example the sleeveless mini dress I'm wearing has a high neckline so it doesn't feel like I'm showing too much skin. Go ahead and bare it, just don't go overboard and keep it classy and tasteful.

Bag, Gucci Small Boston 
Sunglasses, Quay Australia 

Black mini dress, Mendocino
Gladiator Sandals, Zara