DIY Honey Mask for Awesome Skin

You guys know that I'm a big fan of natural skincare and I'm pretty sure that slathering your face with honey definitely falls into that category! I was watching my favourite YouTuber ever - Kathleenlights - where she recently did a video on the benefits of honey. But let's rewind for a sec because prior to watching her video, I'd placed my ordered for the I'm From Honey Mask. Between my order not arriving in a timely manner and the video, I got desperate and thought I would go the DIY route. Translation: quite simply smear honey on my face.

Honey is anti-bacterial and moisturizing so the benefits are win-win. I slathered about 2 tbsp's of raw honey on my face and let it sit for about 20 mins and then rinsed it off. Yes my skin looked slimy and gross while it was on (hence no pictures) and I was tempted to lick it off AND my husband said "it looks like your face is melting" (which it did) - but the mask worked nicely and I swear my pores looked better after.

Rinsing with water will work just fine to wash off the honey but I took it a step further and used my Clay Exfoliating Bar from Consonant - which has detoxifying properties. After trying this, I would recommend the DIY honey mask as a cheap quick fix. Just make sure that you're using 100% real honey to get the full benefits.