Alexander Wang Heels & Distressed Denim

Sometimes I feel like I should dress more girly and wear heels but at the core I always favour flats, jeans and a t-shirt. What kind of fashion blogger am I?!  >_<  Regardless I busted my favourite Alexander Wang heels along with my A.W. Tina Zip Clutch (circa 2010) to go along with my cheapie jeans and white tank. While the shoe and bag are both designer, the clothes are only about $70. Gotta love Forever 21 and Zara for good finds! As for dressing girly, I'll reserve it for special occasions and stick to my rock and roll style. ;)

Alex & Ani Energy bracelet
Birds Of A Feather necklace
Armani sunglasses

Alexander Wang Antonia sandals & Tina zip clutch
Zara jeans
Forever 21 Tank