Review: Benefit's They're Real! Killer Colour Collection

Happy Wednesday all! If you follow my blog regularly you'll recall that I attended an event for the launch of Benefit's Killer Colour collection last month. You'll have to forgive me for the delay in getting this post up but to be honest I was looking for the right way to photography this exciting new line. When a weekend at my in-laws house came up, I knew I had found the right backdrop!

So here's the deal, Benefit has expanded their line of They're Real! products to include four new coloured gel eyeliners in blue, brown, green and purple and two new mascaras in brown and blue.  The emphasis here is on colour my friends but we're not talking about Rainbow Brite here. These are glamours, subtle, day-wear-friendly shades that you can play around with and go as dramatic or as soft as you please. 

Above you'll see the full colour pay off of Beyond Green, Beyond Blue, Beyond Brown and Beyond Purple. You can show as much or as little colour as you want depending on how thick you draw on your eyeliner. Also consider creating an ombre effect with your eyeliner by starting off with one shade and finishing with another.

It looks brighter on the wand than it does on my lashes but this blue mascara is the perfect shade! For a subtle look: apply only to the tips of your lashes. People will notice a pop in your eyes but they won't figure it out unless they really look at you! For a more dramatic look: Start by drawing a bold-winged-line using your Beyond Blue eyeliner and then finish with a few strokes of blue mascara to your top lashes. Instant POP!

I was never a fan of brown eyeliner until I started using the Beyond Brown liner and now I love it! As for brown mascara, I could do without. Blondes or redheads might feel differently I'm sure but as a dark eyed brunette, this product does nothing for me.

This eyeliner is completely sweat and smudge proof. Even on the days when I have an intense boot camp class my eyeliner stays in place. With that being said, because the staying power on this liner (and mascara!) is so damn good, I do recommend you pick up They're Real! Remover. I've tried different makeup removers with this collection but this one always seems to work best. 

The new Benefit They're Real! collection matches my Isabel Marant sandals! I had to share! 

The new Benefit They're Real! collection matches my Isabel Marant sandals! I had to share! 

I've read some reviews were people are disappointed with They're Real! liner and I think I might have felt the same if the ladies at Benefit hadn't taught me how to apply it properly. First off, create a base. I like to use a light wash of either creme or powder eye shadow so the liner has something to adhere to. Now that you're ready to apply your liner start with short strokes or small stamping motions along your lash line. Keep in mind, this is a gel liner so it applies differently from a liquid (pen) liner or even a pencil. If you follow the tips on how to apply this properly I think you'll be really happy with it!

Bonus Tip - This liner dries fast so try not to layer too much on one spot because that's were the "flaky" look comes from.

These liners and mascara's are Sharky approved! If you guys are looking for a further review on They're Real!, make sure you read my review from last year, when my hair was shorter and my eyebrows were thinner. Eek!