Summer Style: Acne Studios High Tops

My hubs got me these patent leather Acne Studios Cleo high tops for my birthday last year. I was so excited that I wore them for about two weeks straight and then just stopped because these shoes are an absolute pain in the ass to get on. With the help of a shoe horn it takes me a few minutes to squeeze my foot in and then another few minutes to lace them up. Getting them off is equally treacherous and the scenerio goes a little something like this: I sit on the stairs and hold on to the banister as Geoff pries the shoe off bit by bit. I become impatient and curse a lot and break out in a sweat until they're finally off my feet. I don't think this is typical for high tops but I've had comments on IG that these Acne's are notoriously difficult to get on. So with that, I hate to tell you guys that I wouldn't recommend the Cleo's unless you have the patience of a saint. Lucky for me I actually love the look of these high tops and I'm willing to put up with the insanity that comes with owning them. Also, they go awesome with denim shorts! 

Bandana, Aritzia. | Sunglasses, Armani. | Men's t-shirt (worn backwards), Joe Fresh. | Denim boyfriend shorts, Free People. | Bag, Givenchy small leather black Pandora. | Sneakers, Acne Studios patent leather Cleo high tops.