Cottage Style Diary Style Diary-One Teaspoon cutoff shorts- Lacoste beach towel-Jcrew bikini onepiece bathingsuit-Free People Overalls-Chaser brand Peace Out muscle tee-beach style-MBMJ checkered tote bag-streetstyle.jpg

It's back to reality after going on our week long cottage holiday. My hubby and I stayed at my in-laws beautiful lake view home. We woke up late on most mornings, sunbathed while drinking cocktails on the private beach, and at the end of the night, we watched the shooting stars across the clear night sky. It was exactly what I needed to recharge my creative batteries. Oh, and did I mention we celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary?! Yay! :)

I only brought up a few pieces on my holiday, like my One Teaspoon cutoffs that are perfect with a bikini top or a cute muscle tee. My designer bags stayed at home and instead I opted for my MBMJ tote bag to carry my laptop, iPad and other necessities. I also packed a couple of bandanas because I can't seem to get enough of them these days and really, I was just too lazy to do my hair. 

Now that I'm back home and I'm not fully back into the swing of work life just yet so please forgive my tardiness on getting my next series of fashion posts up on the blog. In the meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy my cottage style diary.