Running errands doesn't have to mean dressing all lazy-like in PJ's. As much as I'm tempted, especially during the winter, I feel like getting dressed is actually good for you. You feel more confident and more like yourself and ready to conquer the day. Here I went for my cozy faux fur bomber from Chaser that I’m so in love with. It adds an element of instant cool and rock and roll to my outfits. I paired it my black jeans and turtleneck to keep the look streamlined, that way my statement jacket can really pop. My accessories are also low key and I went for my ulta-comfy brogues from Le Yucca and my black backpack from Bonastre. You can grab both at

So there you have it, getting dressed doesn’t have to be complicated and you can still look like a you a fuck while you’re out and about doing your thing. Note to self: don’t give in to pj’s as day-wear just yet!

xo, Nathalie