Montreal: L'Oréal Paris Loft

I've been hustling non-stop on WoahStyle since I started it less than two years ago. I do this because I love fashion, I love beauty and, I love showing you guys different looks and how to wear things. I'm happy and grateful for every opportunity that has come my way but I've never felt overjoyed with emotion, to the point of tears (seriously, tears!) until the L'Oréal Paris team told me that I'd be going to the Grammys alongside fellow blogger Alanna of Xander Vintage.

I was on camera answering questions about my new hair and personal style and next thing I know, they're handing me an envelope that read "Surprise, You're Going to the Grammys". I lost it right there and teared up like a nerd in front of the cameras! I could only think of all of the late nights, working on the weekends, working while on holiday and working on WoahStyle as I've been juggling a day job the whole time. The mad hustle has finally led me to this very spot in my blogging career where I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and enjoy it all!

Because Montreal was such a special trip, I wanted to share some behind the scenes footage with you guys from the stunning L'Oréal loft. Honestly, if I lived here, I'd probably shoot every style post from my home! Every inch of this place was immaculate and shooting my video here was amazing. I'll be sure to post the link once it's ready so stay tuned dear friends. 

xo, Nathalie

My new shade from L'Oréal Paris Rebel Chic hair colour in Deep Burgundy.

My new shade from L'Oréal Paris Rebel Chic hair colour in Deep Burgundy.

Additional behind the scenes footage by Karolina Jez, @karolinajez