DIY Jeans & An Awesome Bag

This whole outfit is a little comical to me because there's such a story behind everything I'm wearing here. First of all, I bought these Zara jeans without trying them on, only to come home and find out the waist was too small. To top it all off, I lost the receipt, found it and then lost it again. I decided to keep them because a) I had no choice b) they were $30. Since the jeans felt too boring on their own, I decided to cutout some holes in the knees and throw them in the wash for some further distressing. 

The jacket is from Aritzia and I have it in the colour cigar from this years collection. (I'm sure you'll recognize it here.) I bought the black one 2 years ago before I went to San Fransisco because I wanted a new coat to wear on my trip. I'm so silly sometimes. 

The gloves are from The Kooples and I LOVE them except for the fact that one glove is larger than the other. I didn't know this at the time I bought them and I couldn't take them back because they were final sale. FML.

You might recognize these Armani sunglasses from EVERY post I do. There's a reason. They are prescription, because I need glasses to see and haven't worn contacts in 8 years, after I contracted a mild case of pink eye. I was very hygienic with the use of my contact lenses but somehow, those pesky germs got into my eye and gave me what I refer to as, "zombie eyes". Gross.

The boots are from Kate Bosworth's collab with Matisse. I bought them on sale for 50% off and then had my order cancelled by the store, only to have it fulfilled after I filled a very annoyed post/ compliant on IG. They're half a size bigger than my actual shoe size so I can't walk in them too long, otherwise they hurt my feet. But damn I still love them!

Finally, a happy and not weird story. The bag in this post is by PLIA Designs. I collaborated with them for this post and went with the Queen Street satchel because I love the colour and needed a bag for my MacBook Air. (These satchels come in mini's in case you love the look but not the size.) Can I just say that I didn't expect to love this bag as much as I do?! It's padded and has really convenient interior pockets for my cables and iPad. At my day job, the ladies who stop by my desk ogle at it. It's just so cute! I love how it's low key but still makes a statement. Oh - and the cute iPhone case here is also by PLIA (more pics to come). It has a bumper and offers more support and protection on my phone than my other cases. LOVE.

xo, Nathalie Designs Reid Satchel Queen Street_Toronto-Zara DIY jeans_Aritzia black cocoon coat-Wilfred-ootd-Toronto-Fashion-Blogger-Street Style-Luxe-Kate Bosworth-Matisse-Boots_1714.jpg

PLIA DESIGNS, Satchel and iPhone case
ZARA, jeans (similar here)
ARITZIA, Wilfred cocoon coat
MATISSE X KATE BOSWORTH, ankle boots (similar here)
ARMANI, sunglasses

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