I'm not gonna bullshit you guys. I hate NYE. Like I really fucking hate it.

Growing up my mum would make my brothers and I dress up in our holiday finest. I'm talking velvet and lace dresses that were a far cry from Valentino FW16. No. It was more like Little House On The Prairie meets Little Women. Come to think of it, I hated velvet until recently. LOL

My dad would make his roasted lamb with potatoes as a nice gesture to ring in the new year. Even now I recall the smell so vividly that it makes me gag. As a kid the thought of eating a baby animal was the stuff of nightmares! I'd push the piece of lamb around on my plate and would pick at the potatoes, which I swear tasted like lamb too. Honestly, I have so many memories of crying at the dinner table because I didn't want to eat my chicken or beef or whatever. Guess I was destined to be a vegetarian! #MeatFree 

Aside from being scarred of lambs and velvet dresses growing up, I always thought New Year Eve was a sorry excuse of a party. Sure I have some strong opinions about the day but hear me out. 

I'm an introvert (surprise!) and I've never been one to party so my ideal NYE is all about curling up in front of the tv while eating pizza, chips and beer, not lamb! Geoff and I typically spend the Eve with our closest friends while watching South Park or some other random comedy until the clock hits 12:00 and we say "Happy New Year". That's it. It's super simple and really not that cool but it's our tradition and it makes me happy. 

And with that, Happy New Years dear readers! I hope you spend it how you want to, wether you're out partying your face off or snuggling at home with your cat.



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