Romantic Getaway: Prince Of Wales Hotel

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and my being in LA, Geoff and I decided to move up the romantic holiday and celebrated last weekend. Honestly, our whole approach for Vday is generally very casual and we usually just do with a home cooked meal and maybe a little gift for each other. This year we had the chance to do something different and headed out to wine country as guests of The Prince Of Wales hotel.

It’s crazy to think back on all of the memories we have in this area starting from when we got engaged. The story goes like this: It was our first time at NOTL. After a quick lunch we walked around the main street and ended up at the cute park across the street from the Prince of Wales. It was November and these massive fluffy snowflakes had just started falling from the sky. I’m not even kidding guys, it was just like the movies! It was as picturesque as it could get and the next thing I know Geoff is holding out an engagement ring. Me being the dummy I am, was so caught off guard that that I asked him if it was really happening and if the ring was real! I always manage to say something stupid! 

Fast forward to a few months later. We’re trying to plan our wedding and got to the point where we feel like we'd exhausted every venue and idea. Out of the blue a colleague of mine forwards me an email for weddings at the Pillar And Post, one of the other Vintage Hotel locations in NOTL. We go, we see and we fall in love with the location. A couple of months later, we get married there. 

It feels like so crazy long ago now. We’ve celebrated so many anniversaries at the Vintage Hotels and we've even invited Diana and her BF along to vacation with us. No word of a lie, it’s become a very special place for them too. Going back to NOTL as guests of the Prince Of Wales was the perfect pre-Vday getaway. I know I’m getting a little cheeseball and sentimental here but hey, it’s the Valetine’s Day weekend so let’s just roll with it. ;) 

Throughout the years we’ve visited each of the Vintage Hotel locations but P&P is still our fave for obvious reasons. We’ve swam at the pools of the Queens Landing, got married at the Pillar And Post and had the best high tea ever at Prince Of Wales. 

The quaint British charm at POW just adds to the whole experience. Their staff is super friendly and helpful and when I called on the Friday night saying I couldn’t check in until the following morning due to a cat sitter mix up, they were willing to accodmate in our potentially brining our fur babies on holiday with us. (Shoutouts to Haze at the front desk for listening to my hysteria over cats!!) With the cat sitter issue resolved we headed up early Saturday morning and the best pre-Vday getaway we could ask for. 

Thanks so much to the team at The Vintage Hotels and special thanks to Erica, Hazel and the staff at Prince Of Wales. We can’t wait to make it back. :)

xo, Nathalie

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