My commercial is finally here!!!!!! Remember when I flew out to Montreal two weeks ago to hang out with L'Oréal Paris in their loft-? Well this is what I was working on, transforming my brown hair into burgundy Feria Rebel Chic laden locks! 

I had so much fun working on this and I'm thrilled I can finally share it with you guys! Actually the first time I saw it I was in a meeting and my heart skipped a beat! Note to self, don't open awesome emails in the middle of meetings! 

I typically don't get overly excited about a project until I've signed on the dotted lines because I'm realist. I haven't seen much fall through the cracks but still, I'd hate to get my hopes up and not have a project. So when L'Oréal Paris first started talking about this project I thought "holy shit that sounds amazing"! I knew it was for Feria's new Rebel Chic hair colour and I knew that it was be a two part project but I had no idea that they would be surprising me with a trip to the Grammys this weekend. From there everything took place quickly, and next thing I knew I was flying out to Montreal for my transformation. Fast forward to present time, I'm sitting on the couch of the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood getting ready to work more exciting content for you guys. 

It's my first time in LA and I'm so happy to be here with the L'Oréal team. I'll keep you guys posted on everything happening along the way. I've also partnered with some of my favourite brands to bring you guys street style posts from location. Stay tuned. 

xoxoxo, Nathalie