Blogger Myth: The Shopping Diet

Between traveling to LA and NYC this month and, toying with the idea of quitting my job and going full time as a blogger, I've been trying my best to save for a rainy day. The thing is, I'm not much of a saver. As 15 year-old kid with my first job, I used to spend every last cent of my paycheques on clothes, makeup and shoes. So many fucking shoes. (Even now that I'm in my 30's.) It's been a long and rocky road for me to learn how to be financially responsible and even still, I'm far from perfect.

My blogger bestie, Michael of Global Garçon, and I recently had this insane idea were were going to go on a shopping ban leading up to our NYC trip this weekend. His diet lasted maybe 2 days and I laughed, not maliciously of course, when he told me about the stuff he had just bought - a Marc Jacobs jacket, Dior perfume, skincare and New Balance sneakers. This is probably why we're besties, not because we're vapid bitches who love to shop but because we get each other and support one another through our madness. I on the other hand have bought multiple Starbucks Americano Misto's and new lipsticks (yes plural) at Sephora. I was doing pretty well until I walked into Aritzia and tried on the coat I had been resisting all season long. Diana, my BFF, took one look at it and said "you have to get it". Christ. If Diana says it's good, then it's good. So with that, I bought my coat and a new black v-neck t-shirt because I am incapable of only buying one thing, and broke my shopping diet. I guess being in the blogger means it's nearly impossible to not shop. I do receive a fair share of gifted pieces from some very lovely brands but still, it's inevitable not to dig into my own wallet to keep my look current. Plus, I don't always love what I'm gifted (sorry!) so it's only a matter of time until I'm buying something new. So with that, I say that bloggers and shopping diets don't mix and for anyone who says otherwise, I call bullshit!

xo, Nathalie

Aritzia Neelam red buffalo plaid coat (exact on sale) & Vivienne slip dress (exact). Mackage leather leggings & Rubie studded bag (exact). Alexander Wang ankle boots (similar). Armani sunglasses.