I have a question for you guys and maybe you can help me shed some light on to the topic. What do you do when you no longer trust someone? When it's so bad that it keeps you up at night and you have nightmares about this person hurting you. What do you do?

I think the answer is pretty obvious, break up. Sometimes it's easier said than done though because there are ties and at the end of the day, I'm afraid fomo will set in. What would I miss out on if we break up and would I be better in the long run if I stick around and wait for things to get better? I think that's seldom that case in a dysfunctional/ no trust relationship and things either remain the same until they get worse or maybe they eventually fizzle out? Maybe they get better? I don't know anymore. 

Give me your honest opinions guys and don't hold back. As you can tell I'm at a total loss. Part of my brain is telling me to get out, the other part is telling me to suck it up. Help!




Sanctuary Clothing leopard print coat. Isabel Marant endings t-shirt. Ray Ban sunglasses. Rag & Bone zippered jeans. Saint Laurent leather Candy platform boots. Givenchy Pandora bag, small size. Cashmere beanie from Holt Renfrew. Beaded necklace from Lisbeth Jewelry. Brave leather belt. Felony Case iPhone case. 

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