How To Make Any Look Edgy + Chic

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I’m sure it’s no surprise that my fashion influence comes from French women - Emmanuelle Alt, Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin, and Caroline de Maigret. These women have this effortless, classic approach to getting dressed that seems so easy but man, does it ever take some serious thought! Add Kate Moss, the Olsen Twins, Erin Wasson, and Harry Styles into the mix and I’m in fashion heaven. 

Growing up I went through various stages of self-expression with fashion. There was my hippie stage, my preppy stage, my goth stage and finally my personal fave - my grunge stage, influenced by the likes of Pearl’s Jam’s Eddie Vedder and the late Chris Cornell. I was all over the place but my fashion roots always came back to rock music and that influence is apparent to this day. 

Whenever I feel my style is getting a little too precious I mix in a little bit of leather or a bold colour to mix things up. While I appreciate super feminine looks on others, I never feel myself if my outfit doesn’t have a little bit of an edge to it. 

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Perfect Is Boring

Tousle your hair, tuck-in your shirt unevenly and rock those worn-in leather shoes girl! Perfection in personal style is boring if you want to be edgy and best left the likes of Blair Waldorf. Edgy style is all about owning yourself and not worrying about being too perfect or what others think.

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Don't be afraid to mix it up. I love bold prints like polka dots and feminine textures like lace and ruffles and prefer to toughen them up with leather details and black skinny jeans, the ultimate staples in my edgy wardrobe. 

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Keep It Age Appropriate

Go back to my blog a couple of years and you’ll see me in plenty of cutoffs and mini skirts. Since then, I’ve put on about 10 pounds and I'm a couple of years older, so I leave the mini’s and tiny shorts for the beach to keep from looking like a wannabe teen. I still prefer my hemlines a few inches above my knees, but the key is to wear more elegant cuts and fabrics. These days it's about pairing a silk Equipment blouse with a leather mini rather than a tiny denim skirt and t-shirt. Best of all, black, leather ankle boots are a must-have for anyone who craves edgy style. 

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Invest In Quality, Timeless Pieces

If you leaf through Garance Doré’s book, Love Style Life, she has an entire chapter dedicated to chic, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Sure, she’s suggesting some high-end items like $800 designer shoes, but forget about the price tag for a minute and let's focus on classic cuts that will outlast every trend. These black Alexander Wang ankle boots where my first high-end shoe purchase and they proved to be a game changer in my wardrobe. Even years later, people stop me on the streets asking about where I got my boots. They go with EVERYTHING in my closet thanks to the classic cut, meaning they are my most worn shoe to date. 

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