Favourite Outfits of 2017

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In the start of 2017, I wrote a blog post called "I Quit Shopping". I've haven't entirely held true to those words but I've cut back a lot!

I scaled back on buying new clothes, shoes, and bags and only focused on the stuff I truly 110% loved. My new (but actually pre-loved) Celiné nano luggage bag in Vermillion had been on my wishlist for years now. I also bought a beautiful pair of brown suede Prada slides with a curved heel that are both comfortable and elegant and a wild pair of Saint Laurent Candy platform sandals in metallic leather that are so ridiculously amazing that every time I look at them, I smile. 

While I didn't exactly quit shopping, I kept it to a minimum and really focused on what I loved and bought pieces that would serve me well for years to come. 

Since I was shopping less, I had to get creative with how I repurpose my existing wardrobe. I purged a lot of what I don't use anymore to a local women's shelter, Value Village and sold some pieces online. I kept only clothes, bags and shoes that I love. 

Somehow minimal shopping/purging have made it easier to come up with new outfit combinations and get dressed every day. My closet is more streamlined in terms of cut and colour - think lots of denim, classic cut blazers, silk blouses and plenty of jackets for layering. Oh, and lots and lots of t-shirts although shoes still remain my fave and it's rare that I'll part with a pair. 

Anyway, if you guys haven't already tried it, I strongly urge you to look at your closet and donate/sell any clothes or accessories you don't need anymore. Heck, try shopping less too! 

Part of the reason I wanted to quit shopping was to put more money towards upgrading my house and traveling more!

This year we went to Iceland, Halfix, and Miami (I'm not counting PR trips here!) and bought our dream couch, new living room furniture and we're almost done our basement renovations!  

You know what, quitting shopping ain't so bad and I might just keep it up for the new year!


The Statement Jacket

A statement jacket like this furry one from Revolve makes getting dressed super easy. Take away the jacket and I'm wearing a classic V-neck, from my collab with Queen of Hearts apparel, and pair of standard black skinny jeans. Good accessories also help but even without the Chanel bag, this outfit would still stand well on its own.

faux fur and givenchy leopard print boots-22.jpg

Playing with Layers

Layering is one of my favourite ways of putting an outfit together. I put this outfit together because I needed something cool and comfortable for my flight to New York, knowing that once we landed we'd be doing photos and then going straight to a PR event.

I'm wearing the same black v-neck tshirt as the previous outfit and yet another pair of black skinny jeans. Again, the accessories play a major role in the outfit and I opted for a strong statement Saint Laurent boot here. 

NYC street style Saint laurent platform boots-16.jpg

A Nod to Rock and Roll

Music has played a large roll in my personal style and how I embrace fashion. I grew up in the 90's listening to bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam in addition to classics like The Beatles, CCR, and Hendrix. My personal style is reflective of my love for music and I truly love playing with denim, strong colours and graphic patterns. 

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Denim on Denim

Denim on denim never gets old and there are a million ways to interpret it. For this look, I went for a pair of zippered, distressed Rag & Bone jeans and a shredded jacket from Zara that I picked up for $50 earlier in the year. I decided to go for a classic polka dot silk blouse underneath to keep the outfit from looking too tough. I always like adding a contrasting element to my outfits by adding a feminine touch or a pop of unexpected colour. The blouse does just that.

saint laurent platform boots - rag and bone jeans - ripped denim jacket - street style - woahstyle.com - nathalie martin-9.jpg


White On White

As much as I love all black for making a strong statement, I love white on white for the same reasons. I wore this outfit to the Nordstrom opening at Sherway Gardens earlier this year and it's  probably one of my faves to date. I didn't want to go with the usual jeans since the event was a bit more formal but not exactly black tie. 

I went for a mini shirtdress from Topshop that I've had for ages, an oversized creme blazer from Zara that I scored for $40 and a pair of brown Prada slides and a pop of colour with my vermillion Celiné bag.


Playing With Colour

I love colour and nothing makes me happier than a pop of red, hot pink or cobalt blue. For this outfit, I had a mashup of complimentary colours - blue, yellow and bits of red thanks to my Kate Cate handbag strap and Armani sunglasses. I anchored the colours with a black leather mini skirt from The Kooples. It gives the look an edge and ties everything in and keeps the overall vibe true to my personal style.


Texture Play

Because I dress in a primarily monochromatic colour scheme, I place a lot of emphasis on texture to keep my outfits from looking flat. If you pay attention to the outfits in this post, you'll notice that I often throw together something with denim leather, velvet, patent leather, wool, and faux fur. Bonus points for metallic leather as yes, I totally count it as texture. 

teddy bear bomber jacket street style and joie studded boots.jpg