Okay so this might be one of the weirdest things I'll ever say considering that I'm a fashion blogger but sometimes change is necessary. As you know, these days I'm sharing more beauty secrets and tutorials, recipes, YouTube videos and travel diaries, and you all seem to be digging it, which is pretty cool and it makes me really happy so thanks! 

So the crazy thing I want to tell you today is this: I'm done shopping.

That's right, I'm done. At first it wasn't conscious decision and more like, "Okay I haven't bought anything in a week. Cool story." Then it turned into a couple of weeks and then a month and so on. Because of the industry I'm in, shopping for the new clothes and new beauty items is almost a necessity so that you guys, my dear followers, won't get sick and tired of me wearing the same old thing. But that's just it. I'm perpetuating this cycle onto you guys to go out and shop over and over again and I feel like that defeats the purpose of being creative, which is why I started this blog to begin with! *Phew! Rant over*

My shopping motto is buy what you love so I’m fortunate to have built an amazing closet with pieces that truly make me happy. I also started investing in quality items WAY before I started blogging so I do have key pieces that make my wardrobe incredibly versatile. Hopefully with enough creativity and mixing and matching, you guys won’t get sick of my outfits. LOL

Now, I should clarify that I’m not done shopping forever or at all, it’s just that moving forward I’m making the conscious decision to shop less and even more carefully so I can renovate my home, save money for my dream house and visit Iceland with my BFF and our husbands. 

Finally I want to address the topic of gifting in case you're curious as to how that's gonna work. It’s no secret that bloggers get PR gifts to promote clothing. My approach is going to be to only represent clothing items/ brands that I truly love so that you guys know that I’m not promoting abundance or trends but that I’m promoting personal style and creativity. I've always only worn pieces that I love, but moving forward I'll be accepting less gifts so that it falls more in line with my goals. 

Okay does that all make sense? Questions? Thoughts? Am I nuts for banning shopping? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


This will be my last and final post for Town Shoes. I signed on as a brand ambassador in February 2016 for a year long term. In that time I've had a blast working with them and promoting their shoes and I'm very thankful to have partnered with them! The boots I'm wearing here are from Joie, a brand that I've been a big fan of since the early 2000's. Somehow it feels fitting to complete my partnership wearing a brand that I've loved and followed for so long. Thanks for having me Town Shoes! xoxo




I wanted my cat Theo to be the new Miu Miu brand ambassador because he looks like the kitty in the ad but gosh darn it, he was not cooperating! You can't tell a cat what to do right? LOL. Anyway, I want say special thanks to Miu Miu for sending me their latest L'eau Bleue fragrance. It's a lighter version of the original Miu Miu scent which I'm a big fan of. L'eau Bleue has notes of Lily of the Valley, Wild Rose and Akigalawood. The sunglasses are also courtesy of Miu Miu. #thankyou

I'm wearing: The Kooples leather jacket (from last year), Hot Topic t-shirt (from last summer), Zara jeans (from 3 years ago, shocking!), my YSL bag from last year with this amazing Kate Cate shoulder strap that was kindly gifted to me from the brand.

Theo wants to be the new Miu Miu ambassador. #HireHim!

Photography by Geoff & Nathalie Martin. 

This post is sponsored by Town Shoes.

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