Do I look like Gigi Hadid yet? Trying the shredded denim trend.

Spotted: Gigi Hadid killing it in shredded denim.

If I'm gonna try my hand at a trend, you better bet that I love it! I recently picked up this extremely distressed jacket from Zara. It kinda looks look it was run through a paper shredder which is why I dig it so much. It's also a pretty affordable update to my spring wardrobe at $50. It's easy to wear and super versatile and pairs easily with everything I have.

The shredded denim jacket is meant to be wore like every other denim jacket (that you already own), but this one packs more personality and punch. Keep the rest of your look polished so you don't run the risk of looking like you just rolled out of bed. A red lip, a glossy quilted handbag and silk polka dot blouse are all very lady like in nature but they take on an edgier look when paired with la shredded jacket.

Warning: Comments from grandparents are to be expected like, "You actually paid money for that?" or "You could have paid me to tear your clothes!"



WHAT I'M WEARING: Zara shredded jacket (exact here) & hat. Rag & Bone jeans. Chanel patent leather jumbo bag. Emerson Fry silk polka dot blouse. Ray Ban red tinted round frames. Kat V D lipstick in Vampira mixed with Truffle from Bite Beauty. Saint Laurent Candy Platform boots. Lisbeth Jewelry necklace.

Patent leather Chanel jumbo bag, Saint Laurent platform boots, shredded denim jacket street style - woahstyle.com_7472.JPG

Photography by Geoff Martin. 
Gigi Hadid image borrowed from

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